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SAM third-party software list

Updated February 13, 2020

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Legal Notices

This software includes code and libraries from:

Component Version License and Notices
Amib SmartThreadPool Microsoft Public License
AWSSDK - Auto Scaling Apache 2.0 License
AWS SDK for .Net 2.3.35 Apache 2.0 License
Chilkat Chillkat License
Cytoscape.js 3.1.1

MIT License

davecgh/go-spew 1.1 ISC License
dgrijalva/jwt-go 3.2 MIT License
Enterprise Application Server libraries (EAP) / WildFly

WildFly 8.0.0


frontporch/Radius.NET 2017-07-08 / 092d96e MIT License 1.10 BSD license 1.10 BSD license
gorilla/websocket 1.2 BSD 2 license
JBoss Application Server libraries JBoss Application Server Version 7.1.1 GNU LGPL 2.1
Source code available on request
JBoss Application Server libraries/Enterprise Application Server libraries (EAP) JBoss Application Server Version 7.2+ GNU LGPL 2.1
Source code available on request
JSLWin JSL 0.99k JSLWin License

MIT License

k-sone/critbitgo 1.2 MIT License
labstack/gommon 0.2.6 MIT License
labstack/echo 3.3.5 MIT License
MailBee.NET Objects

This application utilizes a licensed copy of AfterLogic Software, © 2002-2019, which is the property of AfterLogic Corporation, All rights are reserved by AfterLogic. Use of any objects outside of the context of this application is a violation of US and international copyright and other applicable laws.

mattn/go-colorable 0.0.9 MIT License
mattn/go-isatty 0.0.3 MIT License
Microsoft.SourceLink.Bitbucket.Git 1.0.0-beta2-19367-01 Apache 2.0
Microsoft Exchange Web Services Managed API (Microsoft.Exchange.WebService.dll) Commercial
Mousetrap 1.6.1 Apache 2.0 License
MrAdvice.Fody 1.3.3 MIT License
NetSPI/PESecurity 0.9.1 MIT License
Npcap and Nping 0.9987 OEM License
nu7hatch/gouuid MIT License
Oracle Java Runtime Environment 6 (JRE) 1.6.0_24-b07 Oracle License
Oracle Java Runtime Environment 8 (JRE) 8u31 Oracle License
Oracle OpenJDK 13 GNU LGPL 2
Source code available on request
Oracle Weblogic server libraries wlclient.jar and wljmxclient.jar. Oracle License
PCRE and PCRE.NET libraries PCRE 10.10/PCRE.NET 0.5 PCRE2 License
pmezard/go-difflib 1 BSD license
Reinforced.Typings 1.3.0 MIT License
Sencha Ext JS 4.2 Commercial
SIGAR 1.6.4

Apache 2.0 License

Sirupsen/logrus 1.0.6 MIT License
stretchr/testify 1.2.2 Open source
Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper 2.2.0 MIT License
ugorji/go 1.1.1 MIT License
valyala/fasttemplate MIT License
valyala/bytebufferpool MIT License
VMware vSphere Web Services SDK 4.1 Commercial License
weaveworks/ps MIT License
weaveworks/common Apache 2.0 License
weaveworks/scope 1.8 Apache 2.0 License
WeOnlyDo.Client.SSH (.NET) Commercial

This software also includes code and libraries included in the SolarWinds Orion Platform.