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Monitoring your applications and environment is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability and is also available in a standalone module, Server & Application Monitor (SAM). Hybrid Cloud Observability and SAM are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

SAM third-party software list

Updated January 10, 2022

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Legal Notices

This software includes code and libraries from:

Component Version License and Notices
Amib SmartThreadPool Microsoft Public License
Antlr BSD license
Apache Log4j 2.16.0 Apache 2.0 License
Apache Log4net 1.2.10 Apache 2.0 License
AWSSDK - Auto Scaling 3.104.9 Apache 2.0 License
AWS SDK for .Net 3.3 Apache 2.0 License
CastleCore 3.3.0 Apache 2.0 License
Chilkat Chillkat License
Cytoscape.js 3.1.1

MIT License

davecgh/go-spew 1.1.1 ISC License
dgrijalva/jwt-go 3.2.2 MIT License
frontporch/Radius.NET 2017-07-08 / 092d96e MIT License
FxSSH 1.1.1 MIT License
Go-yaml/yaml/tree 3 Apache 2.0 License
golang/net   BSD license
golang/text   BSD license
golang/time   BSD license   BSD license 1.10 BSD license
gorilla/websocket 1.2.0 BSD 2 license
HTML Agility Pack (HAP) 1.4.6 MIT License
Infragistics 8.2 Commercial
JBoss Application Server libraries JBoss Application Server Version 7.1.1 GNU LGPL 2.1
Source code available on request

JBoss Application Server libraries/Enterprise Application Server libraries (EAP)

Wildfly 8.00

JBoss Application Server Version 7.2+

WildFly 8.0.0


Source code available on request
jQuery 1.9.0 MIT License
JSLWin JSL 0.99w JSLWin License

MIT License

k-sone/critbitgo 1.2.0 MIT License
labstack/gommon 0.3.0 MIT License
labstack/echo 4.2.2 MIT License
MailBee.NET Objects 12.1.1

This application utilizes a licensed copy of Afterlogic Software, © 2022, which is the property of Afterlogic Corp., All rights are reserved by Afterlogic. Use of any objects outside of the context of this application is a violation of US and international copyright and other applicable laws.

mattn/go-colorable 0.1.7 MIT License
mattn/go-isatty 0.0.12 MIT License
Microsoft.SourceLink.Bitbucket.Git 1.0.2 Apache 2.0
Microsoft Azure SDK Microsoft.Azure.Management.Dns = 3.0.1 Microsoft.Azure.Management.ResourceManager = 2.0.0-preview Microsoft.Azure.Management.Fluent = 1.30.0 Microsoft.Azure.Management.Monitor.Fluent = 1.30.0 Microsoft.Azure.Management.Network.Fluent = 1.30.0 Microsoft.Azure.Management.Network = 5.0.0 MIT License
Microsoft Exchange Web Services Managed API (Microsoft.Exchange.WebService.dll) Commercial
Microsoft Unity Application Block 2.1.505 Apache 2.0 License
Mousetrap 1.6.5 Apache 2.0 License
MrAdvice 2.8.2 MIT License
NetSPI/PESecurity 0.9.1 MIT License
Newtonsoft.Json 6.0.8 MIT License
Nping 0.7.80 OEM License
opentracing/opentracing-go 1.1.0 Apache 2.0 License
Oracle.ManagedDataAccess 19.11.0 Oracle License
Oracle OpenJDK 16 GNU LGPL 2
Source code available on request
Oracle Weblogic server libraries wlclient.jar and wljmxclient.jar. Oracle License
pmezard/go-difflib 1.0.0 BSD license
Reinforced.Typings 1.5.9 MIT License
Sencha Ext JS 4.2 Commercial
SIGAR 1.6.4

Apache 2.0 License

Sirupsen/logrus 1.8.1 MIT License
Sprache 2.2.0 MIT License
stretchr/testify 1.7.0 Open source
Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper


MIT License
ugorji/go 1.1.1 MIT License
valyala/bytebufferpool 1.0.0 MIT License
valyala/fasttemplate 1.2.1 MIT License
VMware vSphere Web Services SDK 4.1 Commercial License
weaveworks/common Apache 2.0 License
weaveworks/ps MIT License
weaveworks/scope 1.13.2 Apache 2.0 License
WeOnlyDo.Client.SSH (.NET) 2.8.198 Commercial
Windows Management Infrastructure (WMI) 4.0.0 MIT License

This software also includes code and libraries included in the SolarWinds SolarWinds Platform.