Documentation forServer & Application Monitor

SNMP requirements for monitored devices in SAM

SAM can monitor the performance of any SNMPv1‑, SNMPv2c‑, or SNMPv3‑enabled device on your network. Consult your device documentation for specific instructions about configuring SNMP.

Note the following details:

  • To properly monitor devices on your network, enable SNMP on all devices that support SNMP communications.

    Try our free tool, the SNMP Enabler for Windows.

  • For Unix-based devices, use the configuration of Net-SNMP version 5.5 or higher that is specific to the type of Unix-based OS in use.
  • SAM can monitor SNMP on VMware ESX and ESXi servers versions 3.5 and higher with VMware Tools installed on VMs. For details, consult your VMware documentation or technical representative.
  • If SNMPv2c is enabled on a device, SAM attempts to use SNMPv2c to poll the device for performance information. If you only want SAM to poll using SNMPv1, disable SNMPv2c on the device to be polled.