SAM Template Reference

SolarWinds SAM provides over 250 predefined templates to help get you started monitoring servers and applications. Each template consists of multiple component monitors designed to poll for specific metrics about an application, process, or event.

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This reference provides details about the out-of-the-box templates included in SAM, organized into the following categories:

Periodically, SolarWinds releases SAM templates to support the latest product versions such as Microsoft Server 2019. You can continue using templates for older product versions, but updating to the latest template is recommended.

To effectively monitor Linux/Unix systems with the Orion agent for Linux/Unix, consider and complete the configurations for component monitor and templates available here. You may need to reference vendor documentation, as well as work with your NOC and server management groups to complete modifications.

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The SAM Administrator Guide provides information about creating and managing templates, along with details about working with component monitors.

Also, be sure to check out the following helpful resources:

If your environment includes the Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) Integration Module, see Prepare SAM applications for DPAIM integration to learn about modifying SAM applications (SQL-related templates assigned to specific nodes) to integrate database instances.