Monitor hardware health in SAM

You can use SAM to monitor the health of Dell, HP, HPE ProLiant, IBM, Cisco UCS, and Nutanix hardware components such as temperature, fan speed, power supply, CPU, memory, disk space, and more. SAM provides instant visibility of the status (up, critical or warning), allows you to set baseline values, and alerts you if levels fall below set thresholds.

To get started monitoring hardware health for Dell, HP, HPE ProLiant, and IBM devices:

  1. Review SAM hardware health monitoring requirements.
  2. Download, install, and configure agent software from third-party vendors so SAM can gather details that are not available natively from server operating systems. Click here for details.
  3. Run Discovery to detect third-party agent software and hardware health sensors on servers, and automatically enable hardware health monitoring across multiple nodes.

    You can also enable hardware health monitoring in the Add Node Wizard or Node Details pages.

    When Discovery enables hardware health monitoring for eligible devices, Asset Inventory data collection is also enabled to track each node's hardware and software daily.

    Although Hardware Health and Asset Inventory can both be enabled automatically during Discovery, they can function independently of each other. For example, you can collect Asset Inventory daily for a node without polling for Hardware Health every 10 minutes.

To monitor hardware health for UCS devices, start by adding the parent UCS controller to the Orion Platform. See Monitor Cisco UCS Devices for details.

To monitor hardware health in Nutanix environments, add Hyper-V or VMware nodes for monitoring, add the parent Nutanix cluster, and provide Controller VM (CVM) credentials. See Monitor Hardware Health for Nutanix clusters.

Documentation about Orion Platform features available in multiple modules is stored in the Orion Platform Administrator Guide. Because Hardware Health monitoring for UCS and Nutanix is a shared feature, you'll find related information in that document.

Note the following details about Hardware Health monitoring in SAM:

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