Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Mailboxes

This template shows information about Office 365 Exchange mailboxes and includes the following Component Monitors:

  • Inactive Exchange Users
  • Mailbox Sizes (largest mailboxes)
  • Mailboxes over Quota
  • Mailbox Sizes (Shared)
  • Archived Mailboxes
  • Forwarded Exchange Users


WMI access to the target server

Check the following article for prerequisites: Connect to Exchange Online Using Remote PowerShell.

Important: The PowerShell script mentioned in the Microsoft article above should be run on the Orion server, not the target node.


  • An Orion account with SAM administrator permissions.
  • An Office 365 account with global administrator privileges.
    • The account must be a member of an Office 365 admin role.
    • The account should be an all-in-one, inclusive account to support the monitoring of all mailboxes.

Use UPN format (username@domain) — not domain\username format to enter credentials. Also, a service account for Exchange Web Services is recommended to avoid authentication issues when passwords are updated.