Use the Component Monitor Wizard in SAM

As described in Use SAM templates, application monitors, and component monitors, templates use various component monitors to gather data on server nodes and applications. In addition to component monitors included in SAM, you can use the Component Monitor Wizard to create custom component monitors for a specific process, performance counter, or service, and then add that new component monitor to a template or existing application monitor (that is, a template that already assigned to a node).

  1. Click Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings > Component Monitor Wizard.
  2. Select a component monitor type.

  3. Based on the component monitor type selected, the wizard guides you through various steps. For example, if you select Process Monitor, you're prompted to select a target system from a list of available systems in your environment. You may also need to select a platform type and enter credentials for the target system. Provide all required information and click Next.

    If creating a component monitor for a performance counter, do not use a "*" wildcard in the Instance field. Only one instance can be polled per component monitor.

  4. If you entered target system credentials, a connection test runs. If it passes, continue adding component monitors and properties. Depending on the components, you may need to enter additional server and credentials data.
  5. After creating a component monitor, add it to templates and application monitors, as necessary.
  6. Discover and begin monitoring nodes that include the same process, performance counter, or service in your custom,
  7. Assign templates that include the new component monitor to nodes to create application monitors. After polling occurs, data gathered by the application monitors appears on Node Details pages.