FTP User Experience

This template tests the ability of an FTP server to accept incoming sessions, process user logins, and then transmit the requested file. The component monitor performs an SHA1 checksum comparison on the downloaded file to verify content integrity.




FTP account with read permissions on target server.

Component monitors

For details on monitors, see SAM component monitors.

FTP User Experience Monitor

This component monitor tests the ability of an FTP server to accept an incoming session, process the user login, and then transmit the specified file to the Orion server. After receiving the file, SolarWinds SAM performs a file integrity test comparing the SHA1 checksum of the downloaded file against a previously generated checksum. If the checksums match, the component monitor reports its status as up.

The FTP Monitor measures the time it takes the FTP “get” for the reference in the component monitor to load. This response time is measured in milliseconds.