Enable Asset Inventory polling for individual nodes

During Discovery, the Asset Inventory dashboard (also called a "subview") is automatically enabled for each node that meets Asset Inventory requirements. There are numerous ways for you to adjust this setting (for example, if someone disabled it).

  • For existing nodes, enable Asset Inventory in the Management widget on the Node Details page, as described below.
  • For new nodes added in the Manage Nodes view, enable Asset Inventory on the List Resource page in the Add Node wizard.
  • To enable Asset Inventory polling for a large group of nodes, run a Discovery to "re-import" the nodes. This will not affect anything currently monitored, but Asset Inventory will be enabled on all hosts it's applicable to during the import process. See Enable Asset Inventory in bulk for details.

The Asset Inventory option is available only for nodes that meet Asset Inventory requirements. and host agent software from supported hardware vendors; click here for details.

To enable Asset Inventory data collection for a node via the Management widget:

  1. Navigate to the Node Details page by clicking a node.
  2. In the Management widget, click List Resources.
  3. Select the Asset Inventory check box.

To disable Asset Inventory data collection for a node, clear the Asset Inventory check box. To disable Asset Inventory across all nodes, see Remove Asset Inventory data collection in the Success Center.