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Edit the AppInsight for Active Directory template

The AppInsight for Active Directory template includes numerous component monitors to provide data about domain controllers and Active Directory services; click here for a list. If you modify the template, the details in AppInsight application monitors already assigned to servers update to match.

The primary reason to edit most SAM templates is to configure polling frequency, polling method, and thresholds for warning and critical states for monitored metrics before assigning templates to nodes. Like the other AppInsight templates, the AppInsight for Active Directory template includes several component monitors with default settings that cannot be modified due to dependencies. Also, you cannot add component monitors to this template.

When working with component monitors, note that AppInsight for Active Directory uses domain controller IP addresses instead of domain names for polling; LDAP components do not include the $DomainName parameter in configuration fields. This use of IP address enables different applications to get data from all monitored domain controllers in a single domain.

Click here for a list of component monitors included in this template.

To edit this template:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Application Monitor Templates page.
  2. Click Edit to display component monitor details.
  3. Make your changes.
  4. Click Submit.

By default, AppInsight for Active Directory ignores certificate errors during polling, but you can configure settings to be prompted to verify connections. See Configure certificate handling for AppInsight for Active Directory.

Enable "total" component monitors

During the initial configuration of AppInsight for Active Directory, the following component monitors are disabled, by default, to avoid performance issues for domain controllers in environments with large quantities of users and computers:

  • Total User Accounts
  • Total Disabled User Accounts
  • Total Computer Accounts
  • Total Inactive Users
  • Total Inactive Computers
  • Total Expired Password User Accounts

To enable these counters in AppInsight for Active Directory:

  1. Click Settings > SAM Settings.
  2. Under Application Monitors, click Manage Application Monitors
  3. On the Assigned Application Monitors tab of the Manage Application Monitors page, select Active Directory and click Edit Properties.
  4. On the Edit Application page appears, select the "Enable total counters" check box.
  5. Expand the node tree and click Active Directory to open the Application Details page.
  6. Click Submit to save changes. Wait ten minutes for polling to occur.

If you decide to disable the "Enable total counters" feature later, be sure to restart the Orion Collector service to clear its cache. Otherwise, AppInsight for Active Directory applications display as Down and warnings appear in SAM logs. To restart services, use the Orion Service Manager, accessible by clicking Settings > All Settings > Orion Service Manager.