Monitor with AppInsight for Exchange

Designed exclusively for the Exchange Mailbox role, AppInsight for Exchange provides visibility into storage issues, mail queues, mailbox database status and growth, events, and critical processes and services. With AppInsight for Exchange you can get a single view of all relevant current and historical Exchange performance metrics.

You can add AppInsight for Exchange automatically through Discovery or add it to nodes manually via the Node Details page. After it is applied to a node, AppInsight for Exchange is considered an application and reports data to SAM through a set of component monitors.

AppInsight uses the Exchange credentials you provide to directly access the servers, complete configuration, and collect data during polling. Before adding AppInsight, review requirements and account permissions.

Advanced manual configuration of AppInsight for Exchange provides additional configuration and usage options. Manual configuration is recommended for experienced Exchange administrators.

To further refine AppInsight for Exchange monitoring:

  • Customize widgets that appear in views
  • Add and remove component monitors in the AppInsight for Exchange template
  • Enable, modify, and use alerts for receiving notifications of Exchange server usage, issues, and thresholds

To optimize Exchange server performance, see 5 Tips to Optimize Exchange Server for Improved Performance. You can also download the free Exchange Monitor tool to check the status and performance of Exchange servers.

Navigating AppInsight for Exchange

AppInsight for Exchange can be found in the All Applications widget on the Application Summary view.

You may need to log in with an administrator account to perform this action.

To view the AppInsight for Exchange Details page:

  1. In the Orion Web Console, locate the All Applications widget by clicking My Dashboards > Applications > SAM Summary.
  2. Expand the AppInsight for Exchange tree and click [+].
  3. Expand the node tree, click [+], and then click the application.

The AppInsight for Exchange Details view provides a customizable view of widgets for monitoring your Exchange servers and services. Widgets on the view offer access to more Exchange details pages including performance counter, database, and mailbox details.

  • Click any performance counter in a widget to view the Exchange Performance Counter Details page.

  • Click any database within a Database widget to view the AppInsight for Exchange Database Details page.

  • Click any user name within a Mailbox widget to view the AppInsight for Exchange Mailbox Details page.

Recommendations for AppInsight for Exchange

When using and configuring AppInsight for Exchange, SolarWinds recommend the following best practices:

  • After configuring AppInsight for Exchange, you may not see active data in widgets or receive alerts immediately because polling may occur at different intervals, ranging from minutes to hours. After 24 hours, widgets and alerts should start reporting data.
  • When first testing alerts, only assign the alerts to your own or other tester email addresses.
  • Watch and monitor the alerts for two weeks to generate stable baselines. You can configure to use the new baselines for refining monitoring and alert actions for the usage and performance in your specific environment. Your environment's baseline and performance expectations may vary, as compared to the default thresholds.
  • Create custom views with different AppInsight for Exchange widgets for user groups in your organization.