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Monitor with AppInsight for Active Directory

Key aspects of monitoring Active Directory involve keeping a close watch on the application and service availability, and ensuring various performance metrics are checked against accepted thresholds.

AppInsight for Active Directory monitors physical and virtual Active Directory environments to identify issues about domain controllers, replication, and more. You can use it to track many key aspects of Active Directory by getting relevant performance data from the server level. You can also drill down into the data store layer for performance data.

After you assign the AppInsight for Active Directory template to a node, it becomes an application on the node that reports data to SAM through a predefined set of component monitors, including:

  • The Windows Event Log Monitor, that uses WMI and RPC communication to scan Windows Event Logs for server events.
  • The Performance Counter Monitor, that uses RPC methods or WMI to collect Windows Performance Counter data.

For component-based SAM licenses, AppInsight applications consume licenses at flat rates. To learn more, see the SAM licensing model.

Here are some ways you can use the status and metrics provided by AppInsight for Active Directory:

  • File replication service: Identify failures on replications or issues with the network leading to slow replication rates between websites.

  • Directory services: Watch critical directory services to ensure your email and phone contacts are always synchronized.

  • Service outages: Monitor domain controllers continuously to prevent service outages. Diagnose domain controller performance issues by tracking CPU usage, connected users, failed logins, account lockouts, and more. Discover domain controllers on unmonitored nodes within your environment.

  • Dependencies: Troubleshoot Active Directory dependencies with widgets that show in-depth details about issues impacting performance.

To quickly set up and use AppInsight for Active Directory:

To further refine AppInsight for Active Directory monitoring, you can:

To learn more about AppInsight applications, see Monitor with AppInsight applications and watch Deep Dive on using AppInsight templates.