Add application monitors to nodes

After adding individual nodes, you are prompted to add application monitors for application(s) on the new nodes. Later, you can modify the assigned application monitors for a node at any time, as necessary.

  1. Add a node by clicking Settings > All Settings > Add Node.
  2. On the Add Application Monitors step, use the Show Only drop-down to select a category of Application Monitors and display a list of Component Types.

    For a list of Component Types, see the SAM Template Reference.

  3. Select the Application Monitor(s) you want to assign.
  4. Select or enter the appropriate credentials, and then click Next.
  5. On the Change Properties page, modify any of the information as needed, such as the Node Status Polling interval (in seconds) and the Collect Statistics Every frequency (in minutes).
  6. Click OK and complete adding the node.