Integrate SolarWinds AppOptics APM with SAM

SolarWinds AppOptics APM is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-delivered product that you can integrate with IIS nodes to extend the application monitoring capabilities of SolarWinds SAM. By combining the advanced performance metrics that AppOptics APM provides with SAM's capabilities to monitor application dependencies, transaction times, and overall user experiences, you can better understand why transactions in your applications are slow or failing.

This integration adds an extra layer of information to nodes monitored by AppInsight for IIS that you can use to:

  • Gain a code-level look into your AppInsight for IIS applications.
  • Monitor the performance of custom IIS-based, .NET applications.
  • Cross-reference application, server, and infrastructure metrics side-by-side in the same dashboard
  • Check the status of application stacks and see how tiers of applications interact with each other.
  • Determine the databases and users that applications send information to.
  • Identify if issues are network-, server-, or application-related so you can route them to the right team.

The following chart highlights the benefits of integrating AppOptics APM with IIS nodes monitored in SAM:

SAM AppOptics APM
Custom application performance monitoring
Deep application performance visualization and tracing
Application dependency mapping
Hyper-V and ESX health and performance metrics
Server volume monitoring and capacity planning
Server hardware health and performance monitoring
Built-in alerts and reporting

After adding AppOptics APM to an IIS node, visualizations of key metrics — such as a breakdown of response time into applications, remote calls, and database queries — appear on the subview of the IIS Application Pool Details page, as shown in this example.