Integrate APM with an IIS node in SAM

APM requires SAM 6.7 or later. Before using APM, review the latest SAM system requirements, along with AppOptics supported platforms and operating systems.

The first time you integrate SolarWinds APM with an IIS node monitored in the Orion Platform by SAM, you're prompted to create an APM account or provide credentials for an existing APM account.

When you add APM to a node, IIS services restart on the node; related websites will go down.

To integrate SolarWinds APM with an IIS node for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. In the Orion Web Console, navigate to Settings > All Settings.
  2. Under Product Specific Settings, click APM Deployment Summary.

  3. On the APM Deployment Summary page, click Add.
  4. When the Add an Integration wizard appears, click Create a new account.

      If you already have an APM account, click Go to APM Login.

  5. On the Log In page, provide account details and click Sign Up.
    The Orion Platform generates a unique API token that provides access to APM data and adds it to the Orion database.
  6. On the Select Nodes page, select the IIS node(s) you want to integrate with APM and click Deploy.

    If no nodes appear, check that AppInsight for IIS is configured correctly on the target server. See Configure AppInsight for IIS on nodes and Troubleshooting AppInsight for IIS.

The Orion Platform deploys APM agents to nodes and restarts IIS services on remote machines. After a few minutes, APM performance metrics appear in widgets such as IIS Pools with APM Data and Top IIS Pools.

SolarWinds SAM was formerly called APM so you may see legacy references to APM in certain folders, URLs, and the Orion database that are related to SAM.