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SAM 6.5 Release Notes

Updated February 14, 2019

These release notes describe the new features, improvements, and fixed issues in Server & Application Monitor 6.5. They also provide information about upgrades and describe workarounds for known issues.

See also SAM 6.5 system requirements.

New features and improvements

Read this section for descriptions of new features and improvements offered in this release. For previous release information, see SAM Previous Versions. You can also compare this release with previous releases of SAM.

Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring for Azure environments

The SolarWinds Orion Platform's Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring feature now provides visibility into Microsoft Azure VMs so you can monitor and administer hybrid and cloud environments that include both Azure VMs and Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances, along with attached volumes.

The Orion Platform polls cloud services for metrics used to track availability, performance, applications, and more for instances/VMs and attached volumes. Examples of data gathered via polling include status, storage capacity, memory usage, and IP addresses. After collecting cloud resource status and metrics, the Orion Platform compiles data so you can:

  • Display a consolidated view of on-premises, hybrid, and cloud systems in the Orion Web Console.
  • Monitor and manage an entire infrastructure with Orion Platform tools.
  • Track the overall health of a system, as well as individual resources, for auditing purposes.

» Read more about Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring.

New SAM templates for Microsoft products

The following templates were added:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Portal
  • Microsoft Office 365 Subscription
  • Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Mailboxes
  • Microsoft Office 365 Security Statistics
  • Microsoft Office 365 Mail Traffic Statistics
  • Microsoft Office 365 License Statistics
  • Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Mobile Device Statistics
  • Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Office 365 Group Statistics
  • Microsoft Office 365 Mobile Device Management

Some existing SAM templates were updated to support the latest product versions, such as the Active Directory 2016 Domain Controller Security template that was updated for Windows Server 2016. This will not impact templates that are already assigned but SolarWinds recommends updating to the latest template versions.

Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) data

Add database wait time and metric data from SolarWinds DPA to any Orion PerfStack chart, allowing you to mix and match data from applications, network, and infrastructure with wait time performance metrics. To learn more about integrating SolarWinds DPA with your Orion platform product, click here.


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Use the SolarWinds Orion Installer to install and upgrade one or more Orion Platform products simultaneously in your environment. When installing new products into an existing Orion environment, the Orion Installer verifies compatibility between the product versions and notifies you if additional steps are needed. The Orion Installer also supports upgrades from older versions of the software with a generated upgrade path, merging the capabilities of the Product Upgrade Advisor into the installer.

.NET 4.6 is required to use the new installer and will be downloaded when you run the installer. Do not stop the installation after installing .NET 4.6 due to compatibility issues with older versions of SolarWinds software. A reboot may be required after installing .NET.

To eliminate compatibility issues, all required Orion Platform products are upgraded when you complete the Orion Installer.

The installer:

  • Installs or upgrades all products from a single screen. You do not need to download files for each product.
  • Provides an easy-to-follow install path when required. If you upgrade from an older product version, the installer provides upgrade paths custom-made for your current environment so you can complete complex upgrades and installations with ease.
  • Runs preflight checks to ensure your environment specifications match the system requirements for selected product installs. If changes are needed, the installer provides guidance for required versions.
  • Automatically starts the Configuration Wizard as needed after product installs to complete database and configuration tasks.

» Read more about the Orion Installer

Search from your global navigation bar

Search for your nodes, interfaces, or volumes by their display name or IP address directly from the global navigation bar at the top of every page. The last five searches you perform are saved so you can quickly run frequent search queries. Further refine your results through filters on the search results page.

Dashboards and widgets

The new Customize Page icon in the top left side view of many pages simplifies and streamlines how to customize widgets (formerly called resources). Drag and drop widgets to place them exactly where you want them on your page. You can also add new columns for widgets.

  • Start searching for widgets in two clicks from any customizable page.
  • Mark favorite widgets so you can quickly add them to new dashboards or pages.
  • Drag and drop widgets directly on to the pages or move widgets to new locations.

» Read more about dashboards

Secure the connection between your Orion server and your SQL server

Increase your security compliance by using Windows authentication for both day-to-day data storage and retrieval between your Orion server and your SQL server and during the initial setup of your database server in the Configuration Wizard.

Do not use a Windows account with a password policy applied.

You can also enable SSL directly in the Configuration Wizard to encrypt the information exchanged between your Orion server or additional polling engines and your SQL server, independent of SSL settings on your SQL server.

SSL must be configured on your SQL server to utilize this feature.

SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups in a MultiSubnet Failover configuration

Leverage MS SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups in your HA configuration so your database is also highly available and disaster recoverable.

Multi-subnet High Availability

Distribute HA pool members to different subnets in this new update to SolarWinds High Availability for near instantaneous, automated failover to a secondary server on a different subnet. Create an HA pool , update your secondary server, and activate HA in your current Orion environment just as easily as before.

» Read more about multi-subnet High Availability

Performance Analysis (PerfStack™)

Get both broad and in-depth visibility into your environment by correlating disparate data points across your infrastructure, including on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments, in easy-to-read charts.

This version of PerfStack™:

  • Includes Real-Time Polling at approximately one second intervals for selected metrics.
  • Increases the number of supported metrics and products
  • Lets you view the data behind supported charts with the Data Explorer.
  • Enables Drag and drop entities to the chart area.
  • Can open an analysis project directly from an entity with common metrics already added.
  • Lets you access the details page for an entity from the Performance Analysis dashboard.

Other improvements

  • Deploy Orion agents to Raspberry Pi (Raspbian 8.0 on 32-bit ARMv6 or ARMv7 processors).
  • Improved memory performance.

New customer installation

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If installing SAM for the first time, use the SolarWinds Orion Installer, and then see the SAM Getting Started Guide.

Before you upgrade!

If upgrading from a previous version, be aware of the following considerations:

  • This release candidate will not work on a 32-bit or a FIPS-enabled version of Microsoft Windows.
  • If you installed NPM and SAM on the same server, it is important to upgrade to NPM 12.2 before installing SAM 6.5.
  • If you added a site binding to a host name before you upgrade, you must bind the Orion Web Console to a fully qualified domain name (FQDN). See this article.
  • The Alert Manager application was deprecated and removed in SAM 6.4. Please use the web-based Alert Manager through the Orion Web Console to create and manage alerts. For details, see End of support notices.
  • If upgrading on an Additional Polling Engine (APE) and a "The license we have for Orion Scalability Engine is outdated," message displays, see this article.
  • If you wrote your own code, such as changing SolarWinds .css files or adding .js files, it may be overwritten with the upgrade. Learn more about custom code in this article.

How to upgrade

Use the SolarWinds Orion Installer to determine your upgrade path and download all necessary files.

Fixed issues

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SAM 6.5 fixes the following issues.

Case Number Description

Resolved issue regarding alerts triggered for components that were disabled on the template level.

Resolved issue regarding "Page/Sec" counter shown in an unknown state in AppInsight for SQL.

1232501, 1180127

Resolved issue in which a weekly restart is required as services fail, causing a decrease in WebUI performance and the inability for scheduled reports to run.


Resolved issue regarding receiving false-positive alerts after upgrading to NPM 12.0 and SAM 6.2.4


Resolved issue regarding some SAM applications being in an unreachable state, despite group dependency working properly.

1223552, 1228779, 1173131, 1231963

Resolved issue regarding false component alerts firing when nodes are unmanaged through dependency.


Resolved bug causing the Cloud Global Thresholds page not to load properly.


Resolved issue regarding excessive memory usage in Information Service V3.


Resolved issue regarding UseProxy for HTTP Form Login still being used despite the proxy settings being set to false.


Resolved issue regarding users being unable to create historical chart views in AppInsight for Exchange.

1183174, 1177640, 1185289, 1184827

Resolved issue regarding alerts continuing to trigger on disabled components.

1189673, 1057850

Resolved issue regarding "Most Recent Check for Updates" and "Updates Last Installed" being displayed as UNKNOWN for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 in Asset Inventory.


Resolved issue regarding the DNS User Experience always displaying 0.00 in PerfStack Analysis.


Resolved issue regarding the RabbitMQ Log growing at more than 2 GB per hour, impacting the performance of Alerting and Polling.


Resolved issue involving high memory utilization and polling failures causing false alerts for down nodes that continue to be responsive.

Resolved issue concerning receiving an unexpected errors in the Mailbox/PowerShell for AppInsight Exchange.

1175662, 1146091, 1152095, 1146363

Resolved issue regarding the Select All Applications link on Manage Applications page not performing as expected for Unmanage/Remanage actions. Unmanaging/Remanaging a group of applications results in all applications being unmanaged/remanaged.


Resolved issue regarding VIM Subscriptions overloading RabbitMQ with 153 GB of Pending Notifications.


Added AppInsight support for IIS 10 on Windows Server 2016.


Resolved issue regarding recently upgraded version of NPM from 11.5.3 to 12.1 causing the website to continually crash or require rebuilds.


Resolved Hardware Health monitoring so all fan sensors are checked after the first "not present" sensor status is found.

1155541, 1097763, 1126246, 1150234

Resolved issue regarding Lagged Database copies being identified as "Unknown".

1150043, 1138788, 1142313, 1128086

Resolved issue regarding memory leaks in SolarWinds Information Service (SWIS) V3 after upgrading to SAM 6.4.

1139843, 1120281, 1140479, 1138720, 1144053

Resolved issue regarding HTTPS Montior returning "Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel" when accessing a secure website that requires personal client certificates for authorization.


Resolved issue regarding Application Monitor and Alerts not performing as expected.


Resolved issue in which IIS does not refresh ComponentsWithStatusFormmatted properly in AlertVariables.

1132230, 1124382, 1118143, 1010532

Resolved issue regarding the list of applications are empty when a template's name ends with a space.

1123945, 1289792, 1091592, 942135

Resolved issue regarding being unable to view statistic data for a custom script component in a custom chart.


Resolved issue regarding event messages generated by alerting do not contain the component's name and status.


Resolved issue regarding AppInsight for SQL's "Top active sessions with statistics" moving into an UNKNOWN state, and then clearing during the next poll.


Resolved issue regarding the warranty for IBM servers moving to Lenovo.

1098960, 1083226, 1064991

Resolved issue regarding Real-time explorer tools not performing as expected on additional pollers.


Resolved issue regarding Oracle Monitoring showing incorrect values when a comma is used as a decimal separator.

1076895, 1089997, 1072093

Resolved issue regarding custom alert variables and component monitor thresholds not performing as expected.

1087400, 1044845

Resolved issue regarding displayed percentages are incorrect when showing Mailbox Quotas for Exchange AppInsights.

Resolved issue regarding hardware polling on HP servers not performing as expected.


Resolved issue regarding receiving an SSL certificate message "Exception message is: Authentication failed because the remote party has closed the transport stream" when attempting to use TLS v1.2.

1017990, 1071660, 824684

Resolved issue regarding receiving false alerts in AppInsight for SQL for database growth running low on space.

1015793, 993642, 998021

Resolved issue regarding the last 25 events not loading in AppInsight for SQL Database Mirror statuses.

974389, 944727

Resolves issue regarding out of hours alerts firing when application nodes switch from unmanaged to managed.

Changed the unit of latency in the resource "Database Disk I/O" latency to milliseconds and added information about the time unit.

Resolved issued regarding AppInsight SQL inundating a user with emails based on alerts on a particular server.

969953, 809727

Resolved issue regarding AppInsight for SQL Server disk latency being off by an order of magnitude.

960575, 952311

Resolved issue regarding AppInsight for SQL Agent job duration being incorrectly reported. Job status is showing the last boot time instead of the last run time.


Resolved issued regarding Office 365 user statistics with PowerShell Template not performing as expected on Spanish localized Windows.

829551, 1005020

Resolved issue regarding the Custom Applications Overview report page generating an SQL error.


Resolved issue regarding application monitors for Oracle User Experience throwing an error exception for certain nodes.

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See also Orion Platform 2017.3 Release Notes.

Known issues

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Exceeding cloud monitoring recommendations for Microsoft Azure VMs

Per the Cloud monitoring recommendations, SolarWinds recommends a limit of 1000 cloud instances for optimal performance. If you plan to exceed SolarWinds recommendations and monitor 2000 or more Microsoft Azure VMs, see this article if the Orion Platform receives a Status Code 503 - Service Unavailable message when adding an Azure account.

Installing localized version of SAM with the Orion Platform Installer

SAM is not yet localized. If you select a non-English language in the Orion Platform Installer, page titles, entities, alerts, and system messages are localized for Orion Platform features and functionality, but text for SAM-specific features and functionality appears in English.

Cannot create remote SWIS when Win SQL authentication is used

The SolarWinds Information Service (SWIS) is a data access layer for the Orion Platform that provides a hybrid of object-oriented and relational features. Using Windows credentials for database access will not work with Integrated DPA (DPAIM) because a remote SWIS cannot be created.

Work-around:Use an alternative type of authentication until this issue is resolved in an Orion Platform release.

End of life

See the End of Life Policy for details about life cycles for SolarWinds products.

EoL Annoucements EoE Effective Dates EoL Effective Dates

November 6, 2017

End-of-Life (EoL) announcement – Customers on SAM version 6.2.x should begin transitioning to the latest version of SAM.

February 6, 2018

End-of-Engineering (EoE) – Service releases, bug fixes, workarounds, and service packs for SAM version 6.2.x will no longer be actively supported by SolarWinds.

February 6, 2019

End-of-Life (EoL) – SolarWinds will no longer provide technical support for SAM version 6.2.x.

See Currently supported software versions for more information.

Deprecation Notices

For information about supported versions of SolarWinds products, see this article.

Type Details
Microsoft SQL Server

SQL 2008 and 2008 R2 are no longer supported as your database server as of this release.

SolarWinds recommends that you upgrade directly to SQL 2016 at your earliest convenience.

Microsoft Windows Server

You cannot install SolarWinds Orion products on Windows Server 2008 R2 as of this release.

SolarWinds recommends that you upgrade to Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, or 2016 at your earliest convenience.

Export to PDF feature

The Export to PDF button is no longer available.

SolarWinds recommends that you use the Save as PDF functionality built into your browser.

Legal notices

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