Documentation forPapertrail



Papertrail can send a chat message to a Slack room; the chat message will contain the logs and a link to context.


Visit - New Papertrail Integration.

Choose the channel or user that Slack should send these Papertrail messages to. Different Papertrail alerts can route to different channels or users. - choose destination channel

When this form is submitted on Slack's site, Slack will present the rest of the instructions. To summarize, Slack will provide a URL; follow the steps in Alerts to provide that URL to Papertrail.

Different recipients

Different Papertrail saved searches can be delivered to different channels or users. To set that up, visit - New Papertrail Integration again. Choose a different destination and Slack will provide a different destination URL.

Provide that URL to any Papertrail search alerts that should be delivered to the new channel or user.