Documentation forPapertrail

New Relic Insights


Papertrail can create detailed events in New Relic Insights for log messages matching a search alert, which can then be graphed or analyzed using Insights' query language.


Follow the steps in Alerts.


Provide the New Relic account ID. This is the number that appears after /accounts/ in New Relic URLs.

Access Insights, then select Manage Data in the left sidebar and API Keys in the top bar. Either register an Insert API key by clicking the plus button next to Insert Keys, or select an existing Insert key to use with Papertrail. Enter the key in Insights Insert key.

Data sent to Insights

Papertrail sends events to Insights using the HTTP API, and respects the Insights limits on event format and post size. The event type is PapertrailAlert and the search_name is the name of the search the alert is attached to.

Event attributes map, as much as is feasible, directly from Papertrail to Insights. To facilitate expected behavior of Insights events, the timestamp of the event in Insights and the Papertrail received_at value (which are the same) are in UNIX epoch time, and the id and source_id of the events are strings.