Documentation forPapertrail



Papertrail can update a Datadog dashboard displaying the number of log messages matching a search alert.


Follow the steps in Alerts.

Papertrail settings

From Datadog's APIs tab, click the Create API Key button under the "API Keys" section then copy the new key.

In Papertrail, attach a new Datadog alert to a saved search, then:

  • paste the API key
  • set a Metric name
  • (optional) specify a set of Metric tags

Datadog visualization

Once the metric appears in Datadog, it needs a few settings adjusted to be visualized with the expected values.

When setting up a Timeseries chart of the metric, under Choose metrics and events:

  • Select sum by (rather than the default avg by)
  • Use the + button to add rollup sum
  • Select Bars for Display:

as shown in this screenshot:

Datadog metric settings

The rollup period is configurable; typically, (default) or 60 will most closely match what Papertrail sends each minute.