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Amazon SNS


Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a push messaging service. Using SNS, messages can be sent to mobile devices, text message recipients, apps, SQS queues, and other destinations. Papertrail generates an SNS message for each matching log message.


Create SNS topic

If you do not already have an SNS topic, visit SNS and create one. The resulting page will look like this: SNS topic detail

Configure Papertrail

Follow the steps in Alerts to provide your AWS access key, AWS secret key, topic ARN, and topic region to Papertrail. Ensure that the AWS keys have permission to perform the sns:Publish action.

Message format

For each matching log message, Papertrail publishes one SNS message using this format. The SNS message contains payloads compatible with all known SNS services:

  • the message itself is a JSON hash containing the same hash keys as Papertrail's web hook notification. This is used by most SNS recipients.
  • a default string value. This is used by non-JSON SNS recipients (SMS/text message, plaintext email)