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Windows Azure


Microsoft Windows Azure is a cloud hosting service for apps in the Windows environment. Azure supports .NET, Node.js, and both Windows and Linux virtual machines.


Aggregating logs directly from app/framework

Logs from apps on Azure can often be aggregated with the same in-app logging libraries you would use without Azure. For example, a .NET app might use NLog and a Node.js app might use winston.

To configure your Azure app to log to Papertrail, follow the instructions for the log library or language/framework you use, like NLog, log4net, and Node.js/winston. See Configuration.

If you have not chosen a log library or are using a language's core logging functionality, skim Configuration for ideas or contact us and we’ll suggest one.

If in-app log aggregation does not work for you or you also want other logs (like Linux syslog), read on.

Aggregating logs using system-level tools

Azure supports customizing virtual machine images and running instances. Apps can be configured to write logs to disk, which Papertrail can aggregate and manage.

Head over to Configuring remote syslog from Windows and point the log collector at the log directory, such as /LogFiles/http/RawLogs/*.

This can be baked into your custom image or rolled out as part of a post-boot deployment process.

Finally, if neither of the above option are suitable, please contact us to see what other options we may have. We can usually suggest a solution based on your environment.

Idle timeout

Azure has an idle timeout of 4 minutes. This is configurable for inbound connections via the Azure load balancer, but not outbound.