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Amazon RDS

Papertrail can aggregate query logs from Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), a hosted MySQL database service.


By default, Amazon RDS outputs slow query logs to a table in the RDS instance called mysql.slow_log. If configured, all queries can be logged to mysql.general_log. Here’s more.

Two methods exist to send RDS logs to Papertrail:

  1. William Cheung has created a standalone Play Framework app that retrieves these logs from RDS instances and aggregates them in Papertrail.
  2. Joe Shaw created a standalone Go app called rdstail to stream logs to Papertrail.

Play ptmysqllog relay app

To set up the Play app, read the README and watch this video:

Aggregating Amazon RDS query logs in Papertrail

In addition to the client-side filtering covered in the video, Papertrail can filter unnecessary messages. See log filtering.

Go rdstail relay app

For setup information, visit rdstail README.