Documentation forPapertrail


Aggregate logs from Redis, an open-source, in-memory data store.


All logging settings are located in /etc/redis/redis.conf. Redis supports logging to Papertrail via two methods: syslog and local text log files. Redis logs have four levels of verbosity. To select a level, set loglevel to one of:

  • debug (a lot of information, useful for development/testing)
  • verbose (includes information not often needed, but logs less than debug)
  • notice (moderately verbose, ideal for production environments)
  • warning (only very important / critical messages are logged)

Local Log File (using remote_syslog2)

By default, Redis logs to /var/log/redis/redis-server.log. Use a logging daemon like remote_syslog2 to send these logs to Papertrail.


To send Redis logs to Papertrail using the host's native syslog, configure syslog, then enable it within Redis by uncommenting the syslog-enabled line and setting it to yes.

The program name can be overridden from the default of redis by uncommenting and updating syslog-ident.