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Orion Platform 2019.2 Release Notes

Release Date: June 6, 2019

These release notes describe the new features, improvements, and fixed issues in Orion Platform 2019.2. They also provide information about upgrades and describe workarounds for known issues.

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New features and improvements in Orion Platform

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Orion Platform 2019.2 offers new features and improvements compared to previous releases of Orion Platform.

Node status improvements

Customize what should be reflected in a node status - status of child entities, thresholds, or more.

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» See the Enhanced Node Status post on THWACK

Intelligent Maps enhancements

  • Build and customize map layouts using the new map editor.
  • Place Intelligent Maps on any dashboard or view using the Intelligent Map widget.

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» See the Intelligent Maps 2.0 post on THWACK

Other improvements

» See the Additional Improvements post on THWACK

New customer installation

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For information about installing Orion Platform, see the SolarWinds Orion Installer.

How to upgrade

If you are upgrading from Orion Platform 2016.1 or later:

  1. Use the SolarWinds Orion Installer to simultaneously upgrade one or more Orion Platform products on your main Orion server.

  2. If your scalability engines (additional polling engines, additional web servers, and high availability servers) are able to communicate with the main server, use the centralized upgrade feature to upgrade the rest of your Orion deployment in parallel.

    For details, see Install or upgrade Orion Platform products.

With Orion Platform 2019.2 and later, you can upgrade your entire Orion deployment, including the main server and all Orion Platform products, from the My Orion Deployment page. Downloading the Orion Installer for future upgrades is no longer necessary.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Orion Platform, use this topic to plan and implement an upgrade to the current version of Orion Platform.

Fixed issues in Orion Platform 2019.2

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Orion Platform 2019.2 fixes the following issues.

Case Number Description
155294, 156130, 173466, 179859, 187159, 199150, 200912, 203794, 206954, 213488, 213069, 216067, 217665, 221887, 225282, 228144, 293378 Agent messaging service issues were resolved.
33623, 50172, 72799, 168166 Syslog Service issues caused by AV scanner were resolved.
217929 You can add charts to reports.
233322, 239579, 302397 Active Diagnostics tests on Database Maintenance report errors on edge cases.
1357380 Security corruption caused by the licensing plugin on the main polling engine was resolved.
85328, The CiscoGen4 memory poller reports correct values
204236 The correct vendor is displayed for IBM nodes (OID issue was resolved).
196098, 297840 RabbitMQ queues created for each main HA engine. When HA switch over occurs, the queue of inactive engine stats growing.
246038 Cortex REST API vulnerability was resolved.
250736 XSS vulnerabilities were resolved
276641, 239657 Bigint overflow when aggregating hourly statistics data was resolved.
154734, 189092, 198089, 817318, 855807 BusinessLayerHost issues when plug-in is terminated were resolved.
287766 Active Diagnostics test verifying whether Agent indications are sent and received works without issues.
248366 Polling CPU and memory for devices with 48 threads on a single processor and up to 8 CPUs on a single motherboard works without issues.
282414 Menu failure caused by widgets with incorrect version numbers was resolved.
22489, 102873, 170608, 215498, 252163, 291494 Agent directories now have correct rights.
232196, 250632, 257203 Data aggregation issues caused by the TABLOCK hint were resolved.
199053 Support for HSRP IP addresses on Cisco devices was added.
247904 IP addresses for external nodes are polled. When the IP addresses changes on the DNS server, the IP address is updated.
261491 Pub-Sub client works on FIPS-compliant servers without issues.
242694, 248497, 252344, 261920, 263025, 274706 You can select multiple nodes, edit them and change the polling method to agent without issues.
278198 Agent plugin reports work on browsers with localization.
114626 Network Atlas shows correct status for entities.
229498 SNMP and Windows password length is not shown for users with Manage Nodes privileges any more.
235373, 235987, 236023, 246908, 249975, 250581, 250629 After the upgrade, summarizing detail data and creating new tables works without issues
1355146, 87190, 172866, 205048, 221863, 230807 When creating agent/nodes in AMS, you can only assign new agents to a newly created node.
261556 A Network Atlas query with issues was corrected.
196324 When agents detect that a plugin doesn't start repeatedly, the agent introduces a delay before the agent tries to start the plugin again.
189430 After upgrades, Load Average on Linux servers is displayed correctly.
234548 Free memory on devices with Linux and AIX is calculated in the same way.
223483 AIX JobEngine plugins use the polling scripts shipped with the agent.
161292 Active Diagnostics test Check if Database Maintenance works properly identifies issues correctly.
196324, 245556, 251005 Agent plugins do not accumulate on the Agent node.
247338, 250716, 255115, 256705, Setting User settings to default re-applies the default settings correctly.
137847, 150781, 241076, 243318, 253923, Agent upgrades on Linux complete successfully.
257310, 936141, 996536, 1150384, 1182507 Increased sql timeout value is applied correctly.
237509 After upgrades, data aggregation is executed correctly.
86776, 246245 Plugins load without issues.
251368, 266630, 266868 When you turn off in-memory tables, Configuration wizard completes successfully.
133772, 220442, 248389 Desktop Notification Tool issues with certificate validation were resolved.
150061, 180281 In the All Groups widget, correct icons are displayed
216632, 1024903, 1098167 When creating Individual Windows accounts, credentials in the currently selected option are used.
196870 Records from the database are removed by a scheduled task.
51801, 223613 The option for removing unchanged rows box for importing custom properties is not selected by default. Documentation for importing custom properties was adjusted.
196324 Orion Agent plugin issues were resolved.
159791 When creating reports, you can search for properties to add columns without issues.
177996, 195958 When you cancel editing a discovery profile, you can edit the discovery profile without issues.
207188, 207407, 237197, Polling on AIX environments work, although the system cannot load
215498 In Agent log files, credentials are not logged in plain text.
138033 Authenticated users cannot use a SWIS query to retrieve SNMP community string and other credentials
236404 Only interactive changes are causing an acknowledge status of alerts in the Orion Service Now integration.
162794, 233791 Active Diagnostics test Ping all registered agents pings not only agents on the local polling engine, but all agents.
925043, 1163287 External nodes are updated when Dynamic IP is selected.
87120, 196870 The issue with website not responding and transaction log filling up due to volume discovery was resolved.
203427, 220680, 247285 Global search in Orion only returns results matching defined limitations.
214369, 243475 Database details issues were resolved.
49650, 92268, 188584, 195110 Service Now issues were resolved (missing fields in ServiceNow integration, state choices taken from a wrong field, choice-type fields cannot be added into the alert action)
224027, 229046, 230080 You can disable memory-optimized tables in the Configuration wizard.
210832 Network Atlas improved loading time for maps with SAM applications.
106886 The behavior of List resources was adjusted not to change to the default poller when you edit a device that has a custom poller assigned.
226330 You can back up your SQL database on Orion Platform 2018.4. Configuration wizard completes successfully when memory-optimized tables are used.
169963 You can configure timeout for collecting diagnostics on agents.
192758, 197755, 199857, 203404, 210462, 225256, 226006, 226904 An issue with unresponsive Core Business Layer was resolved.
200209, 210079, 216670 Orion Platform does not create duplicates of nodes, interfaces, or volumes if the request comes at the same moment multiple times.
218628 Invalid Cast Exception causing that the main menu in the Orion Web Console does not display was resolved.
112063 You can change polling engines for agents repeatedly without issues.
208166 Web Console display issues caused by Database Details errors were resolved.
202709 The Diagnostics on the Web work without issues, the "Object has been disconnected or does not exist on the serve" exception has been resolved.
154383 RabbitMQ with Erlang 20.0 keeps running when a mount point is created on the same server.
204574 The "Can't parse Orion server IP address." warning does not spam SWA logs.
214755 AWS OS version and AWS lsb_release versions are automatically detected.
36367 When dynamic node changes its IP address and its DNS record is updated, the Orion Platform reflects these changes and updates the node's polling address.
141932 Reports with custom tables and custom charts work without issues.
129262 Issues with deploying agents remotely were resolved.
164887, 881499, 1040270, 1186399 You can display decimals on the Y axis.

Known issues

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Issue: After the upgrade to Orion Platform 2019.2 RC, Network Atlas maps lose all links to SAM applications. Status of applications is not displayed on the map.
Resolution/Work-around: Remove and re-add the application to the map manually. We are working on a fix for this issue.

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