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Duplicate OLV rules

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Starting with Orion Platform 2020.2.5, you can duplicate rules to another policies.

  • When the rule contains a condition or action not available in the destination policy, the condition or action is removed.
  • When duplicating a rule with a forwarding action from a syslog policy to a trap policy and vice versa, the port is changed to the default one for the appropriate policy.
  • Trigger actions are duplicated. If a new alert is created in the action, a copy of the alert is created, too.
  • You can duplicate rules from any policy but the target must always be a Custom policy.
  • You can duplicate multiple rules from the same policy at the same time.

Duplicate a rule

  1. On the Log Viewer toolbar, click Settings.

  2. In the Processing Policies pane, navigate to the rule(s) to duplicate.

  3. Select the rule(s) and click Duplicate.

  4. Select the policy group to add the duplicated rules to.

  5. Click Duplicate.

    By default, the duplicated rule is automatically disabled. Make sure the duplicated rule has all necessary conditions and that there are no double actions from two identical rules.