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Report Scheduler

The Orion Report Scheduler is a WIN32 application that allows you to schedule the distribution of reports by email or the printing of a report. The report Scheduler features are well documented in the Administrator Guide of your product. The Report Scheduler creates a Windows Event Scheduler Event. Event Scheduler then acts independently to request the job from Orion. Report

The Export feature in Report Writer will export the results of the report in several different formats. This can be useful for analyzing the report results with external tools. To share the report framework, go to the \Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion\Reports directory and simply copy the OrionReport file you want to share with other NPM user. To add reports others have created, simply paste the new OrionReport file into the reports directory. The OrionReports files contain the SQL query and the associated formatting for a complete report. It is recommended that you share this file type rather than just the SQL statements.