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NCM 8.0, NPM 12.5, and NTA 4.6 feature: Network Insight for Palo Alto firewalls

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Hybrid Cloud Observability EssentialsHybrid Cloud Observability Advanced


Network Insight for Palo Alto firewalls provides more details about Palo Alto firewalls in the SolarWinds Platform Web Console.

To access details for Palo Alto devices, add Palo Alto firewalls for monitoring or enable polling for Palo Alto data on already monitored devices. Then just go to the Node Details view and review the details in new subviews.

Monitor Site-to-Site tunnels on Palo Alto firewalls (NPM 12.5)

Review the status, protocols, failure reason, and bandwidth for Site-to-Site VPNs.

Monitor GlobalProtect sessions on Palo Alto firewalls (NPM 12.5)

For GlobalProtect sessions, you can see a list of sessions, connect and disconnect details, public and virtual IPs, and traffic details.

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View status and traffic information about VPN tunnels in PerfStack (NPM 12.5)

Select up to three tunnels on a Palo Alto subview, and click Performance Analyzer to view historical data for the tunnels in PerfStack.

You can also search for the entities and metrics directly in PerfStack.

View information about Palo Alto policies (NCM 8.0)

The Policies subview lists the policies defined for the selected Palo Alto firewall. It displays high-level information about each policy, including the date of the last change.

Click the name of any policy to drill in for more information. The Policy Details subview displays information about the policy definition, as well as other information to help you evaluate and manage your policies. For example:

  • The Policy Changes widget displays the time and date of recent changes. This includes changes directly to the policy, and changes to tags, services, and other entities that are referenced by the policy. For changes directly to the policy, click View diff to see what changed in the Compare Configs window.

  • The Other Firewalls Using this Policy widget lists the devices that would be directly affected by changes to this policy.

  • Other widgets list the addresses, applications, and services included in the policy.

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View information on NTA Conversation traffic connected with Palo Alto policies in NCM (NTA 4.6)

View information for NTA Conversation traffic for a security policy defined for a Palo Alto firewall in NCM.

NTA 4.6 extends the visibility of the NCM Policy Details page with the widget Top XX Conversations on Policy. The Top XX Conversations on Policy widget shows only conversation traffic relevant for that specific security policy. When a policy changes, this widget helps you determine how the change affects network traffic.