Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Introduction to logs

When you configure an entity for SolarWinds Observability, log monitoring may automatically begin. Logs and other data may be detected at the same time. For example, SolarWinds Observability may receive logs from a cloud monitored host, as well as logs created by host monitoring agents. You can also send logs directly to SolarWinds Observability for ingestion and analysis.

These logs can be monitored to track activity, analyze trends, and alert you to problems with the host or device from which the logs came.

Monitor logs in SolarWinds Observability

If your logs are associated with an entity that has already been added to SolarWinds Observability, these logs may be detected and automatically sent to SolarWinds Observability. You can send other text-based logs directly to a SolarWinds Observability endpoint using HTTP. You do not need to install proprietary agents to send logs. However, you must configure the existing infrastructure. See Add logs.

Use the Logs Explorer to view all logs. If ingested logs are associated with a monitored entity, that entity's logs can also be seen in a tab in the Entity Explorer.