Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Introduction to host infrastructure

Host infrastructure monitoring collects data about the performance, stability, and overall health of your hosts and services in order to address and prevent issues. To monitor a self-managed host, SolarWinds Observability connects to a SolarWinds Observability Agent on your host that detects resource information. To monitor a host and other services in your cloud platforms, SolarWinds Observability can quickly connect to your cloud account and collects host information. To provide additional resource information, add the SolarWinds Observability Agent to your cloud platform.

Host infrastructure available for monitoring includes clustered hosting, or clusters. Clusters assist with load-balancing by distributing resources across multiple nodes. Clustered hosting increases reliability, performance, and efficient scalability. SolarWinds Observability enables monitoring for clustered hosting with Kubernetes.

Your host's resource usage, responsiveness, and error rate can be reviewed in SolarWinds Observability.

Use this data to plan out services and quickly identify issues before they have time to grow. You can configure alerts to be notified of problems with a host.

Monitor a host in SolarWinds Observability

To monitor a host:

Use the Entity Explorer to view a list of your observed hosts. The collected information about your host health and performance are available for analysis in Hosts widgets in the host entity's Overview tab.

Metrics of services on your integrated cloud accounts can be reviewed in the infrastructure dashboards. See Dashboards.

Each measurement gathered from your hosts can also be reviewed for further analysis in the Metrics Explorer.