Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Introduction to entity groups

Entity monitoring allows you to view the performance and availability of your monitored entities. SolarWinds Observability provides the ability to create an entity group, which allows you to monitor a collection of entities simultaneously. For example, you can create an entity group to group all websites by customer or to group all services in a single environment.

Use the Entity Explorer to see a list of your observed entity groups. When you click an entity group, the details pane provides additional information for the group.

The Overview tab shows common widgets that displays the overall health of the group and active alerts for group members.

On the Members tab, you can view a list of each entity within the group in a view similar to the Entity Explorer main page, possibly alongside high-level status information for each entity. Click a member of the group to view additional details for the entity.

The Logs tab shows logs collected for the entities within the selected group in an embedded Logs Explorer view. For more information, see Logs Explorer.

Add an entity group in SolarWinds Observability

To add an entity group, see Add an entity group.