Documentation forSolarWinds Observability

Entity Availability details

When you view entity details from the Entity Explorer, the Availability details tab displays information about the availability of the websites associated with that entity. Tests are run on a regular basis to monitor the websites' availability. For more information, see Introduction to websites.

The results of the tests are summarized in the following widgets of the Availability details tab: 

For more information about the data summarized in these widgets, see Website widgets.

Specify what data you want to see

Each tab displays data collected during the specified time period. To change the time period, click the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner and choose how much historical data to display.

You can also apply filters to specify what data to include in the widgets. Click Filter to open the Filters pane, and select one or more filters.

Use the following filters to specify what availability data you want to examine:

  • Test Result: Shows data from tests that resulted in either success or error.

  • Probe Platform: Shows data from tests performed by probes hosted on the specified platforms. This filter can help identify differences in website performance when users access the site from within the same platform versus outside the platform. Filtering to show only platforms that your website is not hosted on provides insight into a typical user's experience.

  • Protocol: Shows data from tests that use the specified protocol to communicate with the site.

  • Probe Location: Shows data from tests run from the specified locations. This filter can identify location-specific access issues for the site, such as internet issues in a specific area or a configuration on your server that blocks access from certain locations.