SolarWinds NTA Upgrade Guide

Updated June 4, 2020

This page is for upgrading an existing installation of NetFlow Traffic Analyzer. For fresh installations of NTA, see the NTA Installation Guide.

Upgrading multiple products? See our SolarWinds multiple products upgrade guide.

Upgrade instructions for NTA 4.4 and later

Before you install NTA 4.4 or later, here's what you should know:

  • SolarWinds NTA 4.4 and later requires SQL Server 2016 SP1 for the NTA Flow Storage database. The NTA Flow storage database can be on the same server as the Orion database.
  • Data from earlier versions of NTA cannot be migrated to NTA 4.4 and later.

Use the SolarWinds Orion Installer to upgrade NTA 4.4 and later.

Upgrade instructions for NTA 4.2.3 and earlier