Unit type for area charts in SolarWinds NTA

Settings configured on the NTA Settings view apply globally to all SolarWinds NTA area charts.

Rate (kbps)

Provides the actual rate of data transfer, in kilobytes per second, corresponding to items displayed in a Top XX resource.

% of interface speed

Displays the resource data as a percentage of the nominal total bandwidth of the selected interface. This option only displays when you are viewing ingress and egress data through a selected interface.

% of total traffic

Displays the resource data as a percentage of the total traffic measured through the selected device.

Data transferred per time interval

Displays the amount of data corresponding to listed items transferred over a designated period of time.

% of class utilization

Creates a chart displaying what percentage of the limit set for the appropriate class is used up by the interface or node. Selecting this option sets the chart style to line chart.

This option requires that you have set limits for individual classes on appropriate devices and is available only for the following CBQoS resources on Interface Details Views:

  • CBQoS Pre-Policy Class Map
  • CBQoS Post-Policy Class Map
  • CBQoS Drops

For example, you have allocated a 10 Mbps bandwidth for a class on a device. This option displays a real percentage how the bandwidth is used.

Area chart units can also be configured on a per resource basis by clicking Edit in the resource header and selecting the appropriate data units. Additionally, area chart display units may be configured for the duration of the current web console user session by selecting appropriate data units from the Data Units menu in the header of any SolarWinds NTA area chart resource.