Documentation forMobile Admin
Effective December 31, 2021, Mobile Admin has reached its end of life and is no longer available or supported. If you liked Mobile Admin, consider trying another SolarWinds product.

Install Mobile Admin Server

The download link included with your registration email directs you to the installer for Mobile Admin Server. Install this software on a server inside your network running Microsoft® Windows Server®. SolarWinds recommends Windows Server® 2008 R2 for 64 bit computers and Windows Server 2003 for 32 bit computers. Mobile Admin Server can also be installed on a virtual machine.

To evaluate Mobile Admin, you can install the software on systems running most Windows operating systems, including Windows XP® and Windows 7.

  1. Run the installer on the selected Microsoft Windows computer.

    This computer becomes the Mobile Admin Server.

  2. When prompted by the installer, enter the activation key supplied in the SolarWinds customer portal.
  3. When the installer completes, the Integrity Checklist will appear.

    The Integrity Checklist verifies the installation for readiness and provides a list of potential issues, such as local ports being blocked by the Windows firewall. After addressing the issues, you can rerun the Checklist.

  4. When the Checklist shows the installation is ready, click the Launch button to open a browser window containing links to the Mobile Admin Web interface and to the product documentation.
  5. The browser will display the Next Steps page. Look to the right to find the Actions header.

    Below this header, you will find a link to the Mobile Admin Web Interface. SolarWinds recommends using the Web interface for the initial configuration of Mobile Admin. The Web interface opens to a domain logon screen to access the Mobile Admin application.

    The first account credentials used to log on to Mobile Admin will automatically be assigned the role of Mobile Admin Administrator. This is an application administration role with Mobile Admin. By default, this will be the only account with this role. Subsequent users can be promoted to the Mobile Admin Administrator role. We recommend having a minimum of two Mobile Admin Administrators.

  6. When the Web interface presents the logon screen, enter your domain credentials.
  7. Log in to the web interface.