Documentation forMobile Admin
Effective December 31, 2021, Mobile Admin has reached its end of life and is no longer available or supported. If you liked Mobile Admin, consider trying another SolarWinds product.

Manage Symantec NetBackup with Mobile Admin

This chapter provides information on how to use the Mobile Admin Client to manage various aspects of Symantec NetBackup. You can use Mobile Admin to manage NetBackup jobs, manage NetBackup Services, view NetBackup Processes status and produce NetBackup jobs status reports.

All procedures in this section assume that you are logged in to Mobile Admin and that you have selected a Windows server that hosts NetBackup from your Manage Hosts list, or selected the NetBackup service from the Manage Services list.


Mobile Admin uses WMI to locate registry entries created when Symantec NetBackup is installed.


Your Mobile Admin login credentials are used to manage NetBackup.

Communication method

The Mobile Admin server uses WMI to invoke applets installed by NetBackup.

Manage NetBackup Activity Monitor

View NetBackup jobs

NetBackup jobs can be listed in a variety of ways, including grouped by status, state or type and sorted by id, type, state, and client.

To view NetBackup Jobs:

  1. Select the NetBackup icon a view of the Mobile Admin Manage Services screen, or from a view of a server reached via the Mobile Admin Manage Hosts screen.
  2. Select Activity Monitor.
  3. Select Jobs.
  4. Specify Group Type, Sort Order, and Order, and select Get Summary List from the menu or the Activity Monitor Job Settings screen.
  5. Selecting an individual job will display more information about the job.

View a NetBackup job

  1. Follow the procedure to view NetBackup jobs and produce a list of jobs that you are interested in.
  2. Select an individual job to display the following: jobs ID, State, Type, Client, Master and Media server, Policy, Schedule, Status, Start and End time, Attempt (or try) count, Operation, Kilobytes, Files and Percentage.

    Some fields may be empty for certain job types. The selected job can be restarted, resumed, suspended, deleted or canceled by selecting the appropriate menu item.

    The menu item Lookup Status will provide detailed NetBackup status information on the current job run status code.

    The menu item Detailed Status provides a list of all job attempts. Individual job attempts can then be selected to get detailed information on that job attempt.

View NetBackup services

  1. Select the Services icon from a view of the Activity Monitor screen.

    The menu items Stop NetBackup Services and Start NetBackup Services can be used to stop and start all NetBackup related services on the server.

  2. Select an individual NetBackup Service.

    This will bring up service information on the selected NetBackup service.

View NetBackup processes

  1. Select the Processes icon from a view of the Activity Monitor screen.
  2. Select an individual process from the list to view a detailed view of the processes current server resource usage.

Manage a NetBackup summary report

A NetBackup Summary Report provides a high level summary report on NetBackup jobs over a selected time frame on the selected server. An example summary report for the previous 24 hours for the NetBackup server named "exch2010" follows:

Summary of jobs on exch2010

Queued: 0

Waiting-to-Retry: 0

Active: 0

Successful: 13

Partially Successful: 2

Failed: 67

Incomplete: 0

Suspended: 0

Total: 82


08/22/2010;13:36:41 exch2010 - Volume exch2010-disk:Internal_16 is down (not ok on root)

08/22/2010;18:00:05 exch2010 backup of client exited with status 800 (resource request failed

To obtain a Summary Report:

  1. Select Summary Report from a view of the NetBackup Administration Console screen.
  2. Enter the time frame you would like to report to cover.
  3. Select Run Report from the menu or the Summary Report Settings screen.

Manage NetBackup problem reports

Mobile Admin can provide detailed NetBackup Problem reports.

  1. Select the Problem Reports icon from a view of the NetBackup Administration Console screen.
  2. Select the time frame for the problem report by entering how many hours the report is to go back in time.

    The report can be limited to individual servers and clients using the Server Name and Client Name field.

    The report is sorted by the selection of the Sort By field.

  3. Select Run Report to produce a list of all problem reports
  4. Select an individual problem report entry for more information.