Documentation forMobile Admin
Effective December 31, 2021, Mobile Admin has reached its end of life and is no longer available or supported. If you liked Mobile Admin, consider trying another SolarWinds product.

Manage HP iLO with Mobile Admin

This document provides information about how to use the Mobile Admin Client to manage HP Integrated Lights Out (iLO) servers. Using Mobile Admin to manage iLO servers allows you to perform activities on your HP server from a remote location. Some of these activities include checking fans and temperatures; viewing event logs; monitoring the health status; and controlling the power options of servers and UIDs.

Mobile Admin supports iLO 2 firmware version 1.20 and higher and iLO 3 firmware version 1.26 and higher.

Mobile Admin encrypts all data sent between the iLO server and Mobile Admin by using HTTPS for the connection.


HP iLO is detected by a connection to https://server/ribcl. If a response contains "RIBCL" then iLO has been found.


iLO prompts for user credentials upon startup. HP iLO RIBCL login names and passwords cannot contain a " character.

Communication method

The communication method for iLO is RIBCL commands over HTTPS.


Use a browser on the server Mobile Admin is installed on to connect to your iLO server. HP iLO should respond with a login screen.

Managing iLO servers

Below is a list of activities you can perform remotely using HP iLO, accompanied by brief descriptions on how to execute them. The first step in executing any of these tasks is to click the iLO icon. You can locate this icon from the Mobile Admin Manage Services screen, or from a view of a server reached from the Mobile Admin Manage Hosts screen. After clicking this icon, the iLO screen will appear.

Monitor health status and receive notifications

Mobile Admin allows you to monitor the iLO health status of a server and to receive notifications if there is a change in the health status. To view the health status of the selected server and subscribe to the health status feed:

  1. From the iLO screen, select Health Status.
  2. If you wish to receive notifications of changes in the health status, select Subscribe to this feed.... The screen for subscribing to a new feed will be displayed.
  3. In the field marked Feed name, enter the name of the feed to which you are subscribing (e.g. "Health Status <hostname or IP address>"). You may also enter the optional feed information Contact Phone and Contact URL.
  4. Select Subscribe. Mobile Admin will display a message confirming that you have saved the feed. You will now receive notifications of changes in the health status of the selected server.

Check fans and temperatures

HP iLO allows you to remotely monitor the status of fans and temperatures. Note that if you subscribe to the Health Status feed, the notifications you receive will contain information about the current states of fans and temperatures. To check the temperatures and view the fan speeds of the server you have selected:

From the iLO screen, select Fans and Temperatures. The Fans and Temperatures screen will display information about fan status and temperature levels of the host computer.

Power servers on or off

The Power Control option on the iLO screen allows you to remotely power servers on or off. All these tasks are performed from the iLO screen, which can be access via the Mobile Admin Manage Services screen, or from a view of the server reached via the Mobile Admin Manage Hosts screen.

  1. Select Power Control from the iLO screen.
  2. If the host power is OFF and you wish to turn it ON, select Momentary Press from the menu. This will safely turn the host power ON.
  3. If the host power is ON and you wish to turn it OFF, you may select one of four power-off options from the menu: Momentary Press, Press and Hold, Reset, or Cold Boot. Please note that Momentary Press is the only option that can perform a proper OS shutdown.

Mobile Admin’s iLO power operations can perform a momentary press of the host power button. The host OS configuration and capabilities determine what actions are performed when the power button is pressed.

Turn UID on or off

  1. From the iLO screen, select UID Control.
  2. If UID is Off and you wish to turn it On, select Turn UID On.
  3. If UID is On and you wish to turn it Off, select Turn UID Off.

View logs and log entry details

  1. From the iLO screen, click Logs. The log screen will appear, offering you the choice to view the iLO Event Log, or the Integrated Management Log.
  2. Select type of log you would like to view.
  3. Selecting a specific log entry allows you to view details about that entry.

To view more log entries than are currently displayed on the screen, scroll down or click More on the menu.

View user information

From the iLO screen, click User Info. Mobile Admin will display information about the privileges that the current user has.

View global or network settings

  1. From the iLO screen, click Settings.
  2. Select the type of settings you would like to view.

Enter or change iLO authentication information

  1. From the iLO screen, select Change User.
  2. Complete the following fields as required, and then click Save:
    1. Login Name – Type the username that you want to use for the iLO server.
    2. Password – Type the password that is associated with the user name you have entered.