Documentation forKiwi Syslog Server

Enabling SSL in Kiwi Web Access

This procedure applies to KSS versions 9.7.2 and earlier.

In Kiwi Web Access, you can enable SSL for certificate creation using the UltiDev Web App Explorer.

These steps must be completed after Kiwi Web Access is finished installing.

  1. Open the UltiDev Web App Explorer. Click Ecosystem to create the SSL certificate.

  2. Click Create New Certificate > Create Self-Signed Test Certificate. Enter the name of SSL identity.

    Once you have reviewed the certificate details, click OK.

  3. Click to register a new site or application with the UltiDev Web Server.

  4. Select ASP.NET web application, then the .NET version, and proceed.

  5. Select the option Load Native 32-bit Components and click Next.

  6. Select LOCAL SYSTEM and click Next. Browse for the default document that will be used.

  7. Select Gateway.aspx file from \\SolarWinds\Kiwi Syslog Web Access\html in the installation location. Change the application name to Syslogd.

  8. Remove the virtual directory default entry and leave it blank.

  9. Remove the existing HTTP listen address for Kiwi Web Access. Add the HTTPS/SSL listen address.

  10. Select the created certificate. Choose the port using Find Free Port, or enter your own and proceed. Select Anonymous, and click Finish.

The created host will be listed in the left side panel, which can be verified via browsing. Your host can now be accessed using HTTPS.