Documentation foripMonitor

Test an SNMP agent using the SNMP Monitor Wizard

The SNMP Monitor Wizard tests the ability of an SNMP agent to respond to an information request, as well as its level of responsiveness.

ipMonitor measures round trip time by sending a request for a fixed piece of information (such as an OID) to the specified SNMP agent, and then waits for a valid response. The monitor test will pass if the Monitor receives a valid response within the required timeout period.

  1. Log in to ipMonitor as an administrator.
  2. Click Configuration in the toolbar.
  3. Under Tools, click SNMP Monitor Wizard.
  4. Enter the IP address or hostname of the targeted monitor.

  5. Complete the remaining fields, and click Next.

    The configuration information is sent to the monitor. Your results should display on the page within a few seconds, depending on your environment.