Documentation forIpMonitor

Search compiled SNMP MIBs using SNMP Search

The SNMP Search Tool allows you to retrieve a specific Object Identifier (OID). You can query the MIB database by specifying a substring or regular expression. This feature allows you to search for characters or strings that form part or all of the OID's ASN.1 notation identifier.

Below is an example of the SNMP Search window.

To access the SNMP Search window:

  1. Click Configuration in the toolbar.
  2. In the Configuration page under Tools, click SNMP Search.

See Regex Wizard for assistance with building a regular expression.

Request a custom ipMonitor MIB database

Compiling a custom SNMP database for your ipMonitor installation is useful for browsing and identifying SNMP entries. However, SNMP monitors (such as SNMP, SNMP QA, and SNMP Trap) do not require MIB files to be compiled within the program. With the correctly-defined parameters (such as the OID), SNMP monitoring functions correctly without a customized SNMP database.

To request a custom ipMonitor MIB database that supports additional MIB files:

  1. Log in to the SolarWinds Customer Portal
  2. Click Technical Support > Open a Support Case.
  3. Complete the fields so our Technical Support personnel can assist you with your problem.
  4. Attach the following files:

    • ZIP file that includes the MIBs you want to add to your ipMonitor MIB database
    • ReadMe file included with the last MIB database compilation you received from SolarWinds (if any).
  5. Click Submit.