Monitor states

The following table lists the monitor states.


Monitor State



Up and Listening

The device is responding as expected or ipMonitor is listening for inbound SNMP traps.



There is an unexpected result. Testing is in progress, but no alerts were triggered.

Light Red


Alerts are being sent.

A monitor will progress from a Fail state to a Lost state when the maximum number of alerts has been processed.

Dark Red


The monitored resource continues to be in an error state. All configured alerts were sent.

Light Gray

Suspended or in Maintenance

The monitor is disabled or in Maintenance mode.

Dark Gray


The monitor was not initialized. No testing has occurred.

You can view the state of a monitor by

  • Accessing Live Reports in the Administrator dashboard. Monitors are sorted and color-coded based on their state.
  • Accessing the Edit Monitor page. The monitor status is displayed at the top of the page.