Documentation forIpMonitor

Installation overview

SolarWinds strongly recommends that you install ipMonitor on a server that is protected from unauthorized access by the public. If your use of ipMonitor does not need to be public or internet-facing, install it on a server that is neither public, nor internet-facing. To learn about best practices for configuring your ipMonitor installation securely, see Best practices to secure SolarWinds Products.

ipMonitor provides a comprehensive fault management platform for small to medium-sized networks. You can monitor, collect, and analyze data from routers, switches, firewalls, servers and other network devices in your enterprise.

You have 14 days to evaluate the product. During this period, you can create up to 500 monitors without a license. After you purchase ipMonitor, you can create up to 2,500 monitors based on your license tier.

See Upgrade ipMonitor if you are upgrading to the latest version.

To install ipMonitor:

  1. Verify that the dedicated host server meets all system requirements.
  2. Complete the installation checklist to verify that system requirements are met, all required software is installed, and required roles and features are enabled.
  3. Install ipMonitor on the dedicated server.