Documentation forIpMonitor
Effective December 31, 2024, IpMonitor will reach its end of life and will no longer be available or supported. If you liked IpMonitor, consider trying another SolarWinds product.

Connect ipMonitor to your network components

Use Communications: Lockout setting in the ipMonitor Configuration Program to specify the IP addresses for network devices, servers, and applications that you want to monitor using ipMonitor.

IP access filters are an optional security feature that allow you to:

  • Limit communications to a set of IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses
  • Exclude a list of IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses from communicating with ipMonitor

To specify the IP addresses: 

  1. Click Start > SolarWinds ipMonitor > Configure ipMonitor.
  2. Click Communications: Lockout.

  3. Allow or disallow access to ipMonitor based on the web browser IP address.

    1. Click Add.
    2. In the Add IP Address Range dialog box, enter single IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses, and then click OK.

      To enter a single IP address, enter the same IP address into the Starting IP Address and Ending IP Address fields.

  4. Click OK.