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SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability 2022.4 release notes

Release date: November 22, 2022

These release notes were last updated on January 26, 2023.

SolarWinds Platform 2022.4 and all associated modules have been replaced by version 2022.4.1. See Hybrid Cloud Observability 2022.4.1 release notes and SolarWinds Platform 2022.4.1 release notes in addition to Hybrid Cloud Observability 2022.4 release notes.

These release notes describe the new features, improvements, and fixed issues in SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability 2022.4. They also provide information about upgrades and describe workarounds for known issues.

Hybrid Cloud Observability 2022.4 runs on SolarWinds Platform 2022.4.

New features and improvements

Anomaly-based alerting

For Hybrid Cloud Observability Advanced customers, we’re excited to announce the availability of anomaly-based alerts, which leverages our cloud-based AIOps service. Anomaly-based alerts integrates standard Hybrid Cloud Observability alerting with anomaly detection as composed alerts to improve conventional alerts by leveraging machine learning.

Read more about this feature in this blog post.

Security Observability Integration

For Hybrid Cloud Observability Advanced customers, we have a new integration with our security products, SolarWinds Security Event Manager (SEM) and SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM). Customers with deployed SEM and/or ARM products can now integrate with Hybrid Cloud Observability and have visibility into security dashboards within Hybrid Cloud Observability. This allows IT admins to have a single-pane-of-glass view of the top security events and issues that they care about, and if required, they can launch-in context into SEM or ARM, reducing their mean time to identify issues.

Learn more about this integration in this blog post.

VeloCloud support

For Hybrid Cloud Observability as well as modules and bundles, we’ve added VeloCloud SD-WAN. Customers can monitor VeloCloud SD-WAN, including the discovery of the overlay network, traffic by path, and performance metrics by path. Discovery of the overlay includes visualization within maps. Data is gathered by SNMP polling and API from VeloCloud Orchestrator.

Improved interface status

Interface status (up, down, unmonitored) and thresholds now more clearly affect the status of the interface's parent node. This feature is automatically enabled for new installations.

On fresh installs, improved interface status is enabled by default. If you want to use this feature on upgrades, you need to enable improved interface status manually. In the SolarWinds Platform Web Console, click Settings > All Settings > Polling Settings, find Interface Status and select Enhanced.

Linux log analysis

Monitor Linux log files with similar functionality to monitoring Windows Event Logs.

Support for Juniper RPM

Monitor Juniper devices for packet loss, round-trip time, and jitter via RPM.

New customer installation

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For information about installing SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability, see the SolarWinds Platform Product Installation and Upgrade Guide.

Before you upgrade!

If you are upgrading from a previous version, be aware of the following considerations.

Upgrading from multiple module license keys to a single Hybrid Cloud Observability license key

  • If you received multiple module keys when you purchased SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability, after upgrading to 2022.4, get your Hybrid Cloud Observability license key from the customer portal and then activate it in the SolarWinds Platform. This will disable your current module license keys.

Upgrading from Orion Platform 2020.2.6 or older

  • Before upgrading from Orion Platform 2020.2.6 and earlier to SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability, make sure the database user you use to connect to your SQL Server has the db create privilege. Without this privilege, the upgrade will not complete.
  • Make sure all your legacy reports are migrated. You won't be able to access legacy reports and related tools anymore.
  • Legacy syslog and traps functionality has been retired and replaced with new Hybrid Cloud Observability log analysis functionality. Currently configured legacy rules and history will automatically be migrated during the upgrade.
  • If you customized your website directory, please note that during the upgrade, the website directory will be moved to the location where the application is installed. There are no options in the installer to customize the website location.
  • After upgrading to SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability from an Orion Platform 2020.2.6 installation, you will need to update your MIB database.
  • Some upgrade situations from the Orion Platform to the SolarWinds Platform are not supported and the installer will stop the upgrade automatically.
    • If you have a SQL Server older than 2016.
    • If you have an Orion Platform product version older than 2020.2.

How to upgrade

Use the SolarWinds Installer to upgrade your entire SolarWinds Platform deployment (all SolarWinds Platform products and any scalability engines) to the current versions.

You must be on Orion Platform 2020.2.1 or later to upgrade to SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability 2022.4. If you are on Orion Platform 2019.4 or earlier, first upgrade to Orion Platform 2020.2.6 and then upgrade to Hybrid Cloud Observability 2022.4.

Fixed issues in SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability 2022.4

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Hybrid Cloud Observability 2022.4 fixes the following issues:

00967375, 01076345, 01080611

Versions of NCC higher than are now supported for polling, fixing Hardware Health polling for Nutanix AHVs.

01086352 Some rules in the Windows Server 2016 STIG policy hid real error messages, and they were not propagated to the SolarWinds Platform Web Console.
01160916 The issue with VNQM IP SLA Operations page displaying data in the wrong time zone was resolved.
01076225, 01110775 The issues with IP SLA operations displaying an unknown status on Nexus devices were resolved.
01135054 The issue with VNQM incorrectly maintaining duplicated phones was resolved.
01116437 The issue with Cisco SIP Trunk polling not working properly with multiple call managers was addressed.
01016367, 00758096, 00915425, 01097396 The issue with NTA dropping flows for Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) devices was resolved.
01147207, 01109794, 00966291, 01129700, 01142546, 01129040, 01151277, 01117457 The Log Viewer does not display any syslog data.
01110010, 01121517, 01158904 When forwarding traps or syslogs, the root OID is missing.
01086352 Some rules in the Windows Server 2016 STIG policy hid real error messages, and they were not propagated to the SolarWinds Platform Web Console.
893718 The issue where capacity forecast for CPU/memory was not calculated was addressed.
897431 The issue where the list for NetPath Endpoint service on Probe was empty when creating a dynamic group was addressed.
928393 The issues with OIDs for Antaira Technologies, LLC and corresponding icons were addressed.
971285 The issue where custom poller status overwrote node status was addressed.
633738, 932586 The issue with duplicated S2S connections in Azure Cloud was addressed.
248486, 576671, 1060606, 1121413 The issue where alerts triggered on a renamed interface contained the original interface name was addressed.
952585, 993772, 1039283 The issue where the database started to grow fast due to Wireless database tables was addressed.
1041099 The issue where failed data processing of the hardware health hierarchy blocked data processing of polled sensors was addressed.
1048075 The issue where volume capacity forecast ignores per volume thresholds was addressed.
01169176 Configurations for Citrix NetScaler devices are no longer truncated when they are uploaded.
01040379 After selecting a search result, clicking the Back button to return to the Search page no longer automatically executes a new search with different criteria.
01040379 Parallel searches or searches on many configurations no longer use excessive CPU, causing NCM pages to load slowly.
00898997, 00920983, 01051176, 01085023 The All Groups widget loads correctly, and the groups can be expanded to display the nodes within them.

In addition, SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability 2022.4 includes all of the fixed issues in SolarWinds Platform 2022.4. See the SolarWinds Platform 2022.4 release notes.


SolarWinds would like to thank our Security Researchers below for reporting on the issue in a responsible manner and working with our security, product, and engineering teams to fix the vulnerability.

Third-Party CVEs

CVE-ID Vulnerability Title Description Severity Credit
CVE-2020-1045 ASP.NET core cookie parser - Security bypass A security feature bypass vulnerability exists in the way Microsoft ASP.NET Core parses encoded cookie names. The ASP.NET Core cookie parser decodes entire cookie strings which could allow a malicious attacker to set a second cookie with the name being percent encoded. The security update addresses the vulnerability by fixing the way the ASP.NET Core cookie parser handles encoded names., aka 'Microsoft ASP.NET Core Security Feature Bypass Vulnerability' High N/A

Notes - BugCrowd

SolarWinds would like to additionally thank our Bugcrowd community for their continued help in testing our products and keeping them secure.

Known issue

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Changes to the SolarWinds Platform database
Issue The implementation of time series widgets required changes to the SolarWinds Platform database. If you have custom reports or alerts that query the database, they could be affected by these changes.
Resolution or Workaround SolarWinds recommends using API calls instead of database queries to collect data for custom reports and alerts.

Deprecation notice

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This version of SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability deprecates the following platforms and features.

Deprecated platforms and features are still supported in the current release. However, they will be unsupported in a future release. Plan on upgrading deprecated platforms, and avoid using deprecated features. 

Type Details
Browser support All versions of Internet Explorer will become unsupported in a future release. Some pages are not compatible with IE 11. Do not enable Enterprise Mode in IE 11. It is not supported.

Legal notices

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