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Deprecated Ping Sweep

Ping Sweep scans a range of IP addresses and shows which IP addresses are in use and which ones are currently free. Ping Sweep can also look up the DNS name for each IP address using your configured DNS and WINS servers. Ping Sweep performs a fast ICMP sweep of your IP address range and presents the results in a worksheet.

The deprecated version of Ping Sweep still exists in the Toolset Installation folder, the default location is \Program Files\SolarWinds\Toolset. The name has been changed to Deprecated_PingSweep.exe.

For more information about the currently supported version of this tool, see Ping Sweep.

  1. Specify a beginning IP address for the range to sweep.
  2. Specify an ending IP address for the range.
  3. Select the type of addresses to return.
    • Responding IP addresses
    • Non-Responding IP addresses
    • All IP addresses
  4. Click Scan.

To automate the collection of IP address status and device enter, consider using the IP address Management. See IP Address Management.