Documentation forEngineer's Toolset

Config Viewer menus

The following options are available through Config Viewer menus:

Shared Credentials Database

Allows you to add credentials and associate credentials with devices. This database can be accessed by numerous tools within the toolset.

File menu

New Config File

Saves a configuration file with a different name.

Open Config File

Loads a configuration file from disk.


Saves the currently displayed configuration file. This does NOT write the configuration back to the router or switch. To upload a configuration to a Cisco router or switch, see Config Uploader

Save As

Saves the currently displayed configuration as a new file name.


Closes the current configuration file.

Compare Two Config Files

Compares two configuration files and displays the differences in a side-by-side view.

Compare Startup vs. Running Configs

Compares the current Running config file with the Startup config file in the Cisco routers memory.


Prints the current configuration.

Print Preview

Enables you to preview the print before printing. When comparing configuration files, if the compared files split between two pages, decreasing the width of the Config Viewer window will make the comparison stay on one page.


Downloading Configs

From the Preferences window you can change the default location to which downloaded Config files are saved. To access this window, select File > Preferences...

Fonts and Colors

The Fonts and Colors setting can adjust the default font size at which the downloaded Config files are displayed. The differences between two (2) config files are highlighted in RED, GREEN and YELLOW. These colors normally show as pastel but can be changed to absolute Green, Red and Yellow.

TFTP Server Address

Specifies to use the local IP address as your TFTP server address or a different IP address.


Exits the Config Viewer.

Edit menu

Undo Typing

Selecting Undo will reverse the last editing change to the configuration file.

Copy Selection

Copies the currently highlighted text to the windows clipboard.

Copy All

Copies the entire Config of the current file to the Windows Clipboard.


Deletes the currently highlighted text and puts it on the windows clipboard.


Pastes the contents of the windows clipboard into the current configuration file.


Deletes the currently highlighted text.


Allows you to search for a particular string in the configuration file.

Decrypt Passwords

Scans the current file for all enter 7 passwords and decrypts them. The decrypted password will be highlighted in green.

IP address menu

To use the IP address menu, first highlight any IP address or subnet within the current configuration file.


Pings the highlighted IP address.


Traces the route to the selected node.


Telnets to the highlighted IP address. To use a different telnet program, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

IP Network Browser

Browses the currently highlighted IP address or subnet using SolarWinds IP Network Browser.