Requirements for monitoring MySQL database instances with DPA

SolarWinds recommends the following settings to optimize reporting capabilities for a MySQL database instance.

MySQL Performance Schema

The Performance Schema monitors server events and collects performance data. If the Performance Schema is not enabled, SolarWinds DPA provides limited data. Monitoring with the Performance Schema disabled excludes the following data:

  • All instrumented wait events
  • All wait operations
  • All file wait time, broken out by file
  • All object wait time, broken out by index and table
  • SQL statistics
  • Performance-schema dependent alerts

The Performance Schema must be enabled at server startup. In MySQL versions 5.6.6 and later, the Performance Schema is enabled by default.

Global Instrumentation and Thread Instrumentation

Global Instrumentation and Thread Instrumentation must be enabled in the Performance Schema configuration. Disabling these instruments has the same effect as disabling the Performance Schema.

By default, SolarWinds DPA enables these instruments in the configuration. However, if you select the Leave As Is option for Performance Schema setup, you must verify that Global Instrumentation and Thread Instrumentation are enabled in the existing Performance Schema configuration.

show_compatibility_56 system variable

If the monitored database instance is MySQL 5.7.6 or later, SolarWinds recommends turning on the show_compatibility_56 system variable. If this variable is on, SolarWinds DPA can collect data for all metrics.

If this variable is off and the Performance Schema is enabled, SolarWinds DPA cannot collect data for the following metrics:

  • Selects
  • Inserts
  • Updates
  • Deletes