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Effective February 28, 2024, Database Mapper has reached its end of life and is no longer available or supported. If you liked Database Mapper, consider trying another SolarWinds product.

Database Mapper Solution Aliases

EOL: An end of life announcement has been made for Database Mapper on February 28, 2023. See the Solarwinds End of Life Policy for more information.

What is a Solution Alias?

During documentation and lineage generation, there may be implicit items that are a part of your solution which contain undetected links because of server aliases such as localhost.  Database Mapper solution aliases are used to specify links between solution items that are implicitly created during lineage. 

For example, you could have a SQL Server named MyDBServer that also has a role as a reporting services server. The reports might connect to an alias such as localhost to retrieve the data from the MyDBServer database instead of using the actual server name. You would need to create a solution alias that could be used in the lineage generation process so that you could map localhost to MyDBServer and properly document the lineage. 

Access the Manage Solution Aliases Window

Open the Manage solution aliases window by doing one of the following:

  • Select Database Mapper Manage Aliases button for your desired solution on the Solutions Dashboard
  • Select Manage Aliases from the selected solution's Lineage page

    This feature is not available with Essentials or Standard licensing. If you'd like to use this feature, please visit our product pricing page to learn more.

    Database Mapper Lineage Manage Aliases

Manage Solution Aliases Window

Database Mapper Manage solution aliases window example

The Manage solution aliases window displays all of the aliases within your currently selected solution. The following options are available:

Button Description
OK Saves all changes to solution aliases and closes out of the window.
Cancel Cancels out of all changes made to solution aliases and closes out of the window.
Add Allows the user to configure a new solution alias to add to the solution.
Edit Edits an existing solution alias.
Delete Deletes an existing solution alias.

Adding a Solution Alias

Add a new solution alias by completing the following steps:

1. Select Add to open the Manage solution alias window.
Database Mapper Manage solution aliases select Add

2. Select a Source solution item, and Target Technology type from their respective drop-down lists.Database Mapper Add solution alias window select Source Solution item and Target technology type

3. Enter the Original Target name and a Replacement Target name for your object. Select OK to add your alias to the solution.Database Mapper Add solution alias select Ok

Note:  Add multiple aliases at the same time by selecting More. Selecting More displays an additional box to enter Original Target and Replacement Target names.

Database Mapper Add solution alias select More

Add Solution Alias Window

The following table describes the options within the Add solution alias window:

Button Description
Source solution item Designates the solution item(s) where the alias will be applied. Setting the Source solution item to Global applies this alias to all solution items.
Target technology type Designates the technology type where this alias will be applied. Setting the Target technology type to None applies this alias to all technologies.
Source Designates the string that you want to search for within the target technology.
Replacement Designates the string with which you want to replace the Source.
 Match Case

Designates whether Database Mapper matches the Source part exactly or whether it ignores case sensitivity.

Less  Removes an additional Original target and Replacement target text box from the window.
More  Adds an additional Original target and Replacement target text box to the window.