Documentation forDatabase Mapper
Effective February 28, 2024, Database Mapper has reached its end of life and is no longer available or supported. If you liked Database Mapper, consider trying another SolarWinds product.

Database Mapper Generating Documentation

EOL: An end of life announcement has been made for Database Mapper on February 28, 2023. See the Solarwinds End of Life Policy for more information.

After you have successfully installed the Database Mapper remote agent and configured a solution (see the Getting Started article for instructions), you can use Database Mapper to generate documentation. Generate documentation for your solution by completing the following steps:

1. Log into Database Mapper, then select Solutions to open the Solutions dashboard or select  to open the Solution Card View. 
Document Solutions dashboard displaying multiple solutions.

2. Select the Configure Snapshot button for the desired solution to open the Snapshot Configuration window. Select the documentation type, and then select Start Snapshot to start your snapshot.
Solutions Dashboard selecting the S1DocCloud solution and highlighting the Start Snapshot button.

Note:  Your Snapshot Request is processed by the remote agent assigned to the solution. The snapshot may take several minutes. View your snapshot progress on the Task History page for the selected solution.Document Task History displaying the progress of the started snapshot including descriptions, completion times, and statuses.

Note:  You can cancel a snapshot for a solution that's pending, or in progress on the solution's Task History page. Select Cancel to open the Confirm Workflow Cancellation window, then select Confirm to cancel the snapshot.  
Task History for a started Snapshot, displaying completed segments and highlighting the Cancel button to stop the snapshot.

Important:  The Remote Agent pool assigned to your Solution needs at least one Remote Agent to take a snapshot. If your Remote Agent pool doesn't have an assigned Remote Agent, you are prompted to assign one.
Snapshot Configuration notifying you no remote agents are assigned and linking you to configure remote agents.

Once your documentation has generated, you can select Document View Documentation button selectable from the Solutions Dashboard. from the Solutions Dashboard to open the Documentation page and drill down into your solution's metadata. Documentation page displaying a Data Flow task table with property and values, a summary of the task, and a task diagram.

Note:  You can also select the Documentation tab, then select a Solution from the drop-down list to display documentation.Documentation page highlighting the documentation tab and the solution drop-down menu.

Additional Information: For more information about the Documentation page in Database Mapper, see the Database Mapper Solutions Dashboard article.