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Effective February 28, 2024, Database Mapper has reached its end of life and is no longer available or supported. If you liked Database Mapper, consider trying another SolarWinds product.

Installing the Database Mapper Remote Agent and Configuration Tool

EOL: An end of life announcement has been made for Database Mapper on February 28, 2023. See the Solarwinds End of Life Policy for more information.


Additional Information:

  • See the System Requirements article for important information, including required permissions.
  • See the Remote Agent article for details about what it is and where you should install it.
  1. Download: Download the Database Mapper Remote Agent Configuration Tool from by selecting the Download Config Tool & Remote Agent button. This will download SolarWinds.DatabaseMapper.Agent.Installer.msi.Document landing page highlighting the Download Config Tool & Remote Agent button.
  2. Execute the SolarWinds.DatabaseMapper.Agent.Installer.msi file to launch the Database Mapper Remote Agent Setup wizard. Select Next to continue.Setup Wizard Welcome prompt displaying a welcome message and prompting the user to select Next to continue with the install.
  3. Select the box next to I accept the terms in the License Agreement to accept the End-User License Agreement, then select Next to continue.End User License agreement prompting you to read the EULA and accept the terms.
  4. Select Next to accept the default installation direction, or use Change to set a custom installation directory before proceeding.Destination folder page displaying the default destination folder and providing the option to change the destination.
  5. Select Install on the Ready to install Database Mapper Remote Agent screen to start the installation process.
    Installation page confirming that the installation is ready and prompting you to select Install.

    Note:  Between this step and the next there may be a User Account Control popup message asking you if you want to allow the application to make changes. If the screen seems stuck and the install does not progress, the popup may be behind it.

  6. The Installing Database Mapper Remote Agent screen will display the status of the installation process.
    Document installation wizard displaying installation progress with a progress bar.
  7. Select Finish to complete the installation. Launch SolarWinds Database Mapper Remote Agent Configuration Tool is checked by default and will open the application automatically.
    Completed Remote Agent Setup message, prompting you to select Finish and the Launch Configuration tool option checked.

Additional Information: See the Troubleshooting Database Mapper article if you are having trouble installing the remote agent.


Configure the settings for your remote agent in the Database Mapper Remote Agent Configuration Tool. Complete the following steps to finish your configuration:

1. Enter the instance name for your remote agent, and the service URL. Select Next to continue. 
Remote Agent Configuration Tool with localhost RA as the service name and an on-prem URL.

Note:  If you need to use a proxy to connect to the Internet, use the link on the screen to configure it before proceeding.


  • The Service Instance Name is a friendly name for the agent. It appears in the application with this name, and the service name will be SentryOne Document Remote Agent <Service Instance Name> on the machine where it is installed.
  • The Target Host URL (service URL) is set to by default and this is the URL you should use for Database Mapper cloud. For Database Mapper Software, you should use the on-premises host URL where you are hosting Database Mapper.
  • The green check marks shown in the image above indicate a valid connection.

2. Enter the remote agent account username and password. Select Next to continue.RA Config Tool with an entered username and password that is verified by a green check mark.

Note:  The service account needs Log on as a service rights, as well as write permissions to the agent's configuration file C:\ProgramData\PragmaticWorks\ServiceCore\SentryOneDocumentRemoteAgentService.{Agent Name}.xml. If it doesn't have write access to this file, you may experience problems during the registration process. Other permissions to resources may be required in order to create snapshots.

3. Enter the number of Maximum Concurrent Tasks that the remote agent can complete (the default value is ) and accept the default Local Cache Path or use the ellipsis to select a custom path. Select Next to continue.
Config Tool Concurrency limit and cache path providing the option to set Max Concurrent tasks and the local cache path.

Note:  Using the ?Help button will display additional information about the fields.Config tool Concurrency limit and cache path displaying details about Maximum Concurrent Tasks and a greyed out screen.

4. Authenticate the account with the target host. Sign in with your SentryOne account or use the Create Account option to sign up for an account.

Important:  Step 4 only applies to the cloud version of Database Mapper, not Database Mapper Software.

5. You're now ready to install the remote agent with the configuration values you just set. Select Next to start the process.Ready to install page displaying the systems configuration values all in one screen.

6. When the installation is complete, you'll have options to 1) Start service, 2) Configure solutions, or 3) Exit.Installation Complete screen displaying the Start Service, Configure Solutions, and Exit buttons.

Option Description
Start Service Select Start Service to activate the remote agent on your machine.
Configure Solutions Select Configure Solutions to open the Database Mapper configuration tool. Use the Database Mapper configuration tool to configure solutions for your environment. Add Solutions and Solution items with the configuration tool in the same way as the Database Mapper Client. For full instructions on adding solutions and solution items, see Adding Solutions and Adding Solution items.
Exit Closes the Database Mapper Remote Agent Configuration tool.


Important:  If you are using the cloud version of Database Mapper, step 1 is required. If you are using the self-hosted software version, you can close this screen and continue to step 2.

1. When the Database Mapper Solution Configuration Tool first launches, there is a browser pop up screen that asks you to log in to your SentryOne account.
Database Mapper page prompting you to log in with your username and password.

2. The Welcome to Database Mapper! screen appears. If you didn't log in, you may see a Credentials are required for this server error message for the default server. Accept the default Server if it is correct (the cloud version is, or enter the URL of your on-premises host.Welcome to SolarWinds Database Mapper enter server name

3. Select Validate to test the connection to the specified Server. Once the validate is successful, select Connect.
Database Mapper Solution Configuration tool validate server on prem

Note:  If you belong to more than one Organization, please select the correct one from the drop-down list. The drop-down list only appears if there are multiple organizations associated with your account.

4. Select the Start button on the Welcome! screen to add your first solution.
Wizard Welcome prompt helping you to start your first solution.

Additional Information: See the Database Mapper Configuring Solutions article to continue adding your first solution.