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Effective February 28, 2024, Database Mapper has reached its end of life and is no longer available or supported. If you liked Database Mapper, consider trying another SolarWinds product.

Database Mapper Configuring Solutions

EOL: An end of life announcement has been made for Database Mapper on February 28, 2023. See the Solarwinds End of Life Policy for more information.

Note:  While this step isn't required before signing in, you'll want to configure a solution first so you'll have something to see once you log into Database Mapper.

Configuring Your First Solution

After installing the Database Mapper remote agent and configuration tool, you can add solutions and solution items that you want to document. A Database Mapper solution is a user-defined grouping of the data providers that you want to document and analyze in your environment. Each solution contains user-added solution items. Solution items are the individual documentation providers that contain the user-defined credentials needed to connect to and document a specific target technology.  For example, you could have a Production solution, that consists of the SQL Server solutions items, and SSIS package solution items used in your production environment. 

Note:  Solution items can be filtered to contain the amount of information you want to document. For example, you can filter a SQL Server solution item to contain only databases, or specific tables. For more information about configuring and filtering solution items, see the Solution Items article. 

Add your first solution and solution item with the Database Mapper Configuration tool by completing the following steps:

1. Select Configure Solutions from the Remote Agent Configuration Tool to open the Database Mapper Solution Configuration Tool.
Remote Agent Configuration tool presenting 4 options, Start Service, Configure Solutions, Start license manager, and Exit.

Note:  The Database Mapper Solution Configuration Tool is installed with the Database Mapper remote agent.

2. Select Add to open the Solution Wizard, and then select Start on the welcome page to continue.
Solution Wizard Welcome Message prompting you to select Start to configure a solution.

3. Enter a meaningful name for your solution, then select OK to continue.
Add Solution window prompting you to enter a solution name and select Ok to continue.

4. Enter an item name for your solution item, then select a source type for your solution item from the drop-down list.
Add Solution Item window prompting you to enter a Solution Item name and then select a Source type from the drop-down menu.

Additional Information: See the Solution Items article for details about the solution wizard and available source types.

5. Enter Source options connection information for the solution item. Select OK to add the solution item, and finalize the solution.
Add Solution item window with an entered name and Excel Spreadsheet source type prompting you to select Ok to continue.

6. Select Add to include more solution items or OK to complete the process.

Success: Your solution item has been successfully added to your Database Mapper solution.

7. Log into Database Mapper at to view your new Solution.
Database Mapper Solutions Dashboard displaying the created solution S1DocCloud.

Adding Additional Solution Items

You can add more solution items to your solution by selecting Add, and then repeating steps four and five from above.

Document Configuration tool with one Solution prompting you to select Add to add another solution.

What's Next?

 Now that you've got a solution configured, you're ready to generate documentation and explore the Solutions Dashboard.