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Access Rights Manager 9.2 Release Notes

Last modified: July 5, 2023

These release notes describe new features and improvements in the Access Rights Manager 9.2 release.

New Features and Improvements

Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online monitoring

Administrators want to be aware about certain events in their OneDrive and SharePoint Online infrastructure. Access Rights Manager now enables the Administrator to retrieve events from the O365 environment and analyze them in reports.

Changes to licensing

Customers with the legacy 8MAN licensing system please follow the instructions "Switch from 8MAN to Solarwinds licensing" to activate their license after upgrading to version 9.2.

Other Improvements

  • Design and layout optimizations to complete the SolarWinds look and feel.

Fixed issues

With the service release 9.2.607 the following issues were fixed:

  • Evaluation license now allows 1000 instead of 50 changes.
  • The ARM group wizard now works correctly with list group configurations assigned to file server shares.
  • List groups now work correctly if they were created due to multiple different permissions for the same directory.
  • Improved performance when saving changes to ARM scan configurations.
  • In seldom cases, e.g. after domain migrations, it is possible for group memberships to exist twice for the same object, both as internal and foreign relations. This circumstance led to problems with the scan, which are now solved.
  • Notifications for approval flows with more than one approval step are working proper again.
  • A problem with the OneDrive/SharePoint Online Logga has been fixed.

With the service release 9.2.619 the following issues were fixed:

  • Exchange scan collisions of mailboxes and contacts with the same name is resolved.
  • Distribution group permissions do not cause errors when there are no groups in the scan.
  • The internal collector update no longer checks for .Net 3.5.
  • When the db cleanup runs and a new scan is imported, collisions are prevented.

With the service release 9.2.731 the following issues were fixed:

  • FS Logga: Bluescreen on extra long paths was fixed, support for very old systems was added.
  • FS Logga: Impersonation into Local System should be prevented now.
  • Excel reports do not crash anymore with extra big cell values.
  • Reports for DFS resources with shares containing “\” should work now.
  • Security Fixes
  • Mailbox folder now opens on resource views correctly.
  • The OU display order for mailbox categories on resource views was fixed.
  • The last administrator cannot be deleted anymore.

With the service release 9.2.805 the following issues were fixed:

  • A problem with the automatic collector update was fixed.

New customer installation

Installing ARM onto a server that has an Orion Platform installation is not possible. ARM and Orion Platform products must be installed on separate servers. Note that ARM is not an Orion Platform product.

For information about installing Access Rights Manager see the "ARM Installation Guide" from the Success Center.

How to upgrade

If you are upgrading from a previous version, please refer to the chapter "Perform an update installation" from the Success Center.

End of support

This version of Access Rights Manager no longer supports the following software:

Type Software
Operating System

Windows Server 2008

From version 9.2 .NET Framework 3.5 is no longer required for Access Rights Manager.